Tubeless Wheel Repair Kit Sahmurai Sword

Tubeless Repair Kit Sahmurai Sword

This tubeless wheel repair Kit has been designed by Stefan Sahm (industrial mechanic and professional runner) and is a tubeless kit that can help you in the mountains, easy to carry, because you can take it inside the Grips and very useful and self-sufficient in the event of a flat tire on the mountain that the tubeless liquid is not able to repair.

Its main characteristics are:

  • It is stored in the grips of the bicycle.
  • It is supplied with 5 wicks to repair several punctures.

It is very easy to use:

  • Insert the punch into the hole that the tubeless liquid is not able to cover
  • Slide the punch inside out several times in order to file the surface of the hole
  • Enter the punch that incorporates the wick as deep as you can and leaves a small part of the wick protruding through the cover (if you have any tool cuts the part of the wick that is very outside; If you do not have that nothing happens).
  • Reswell the wheel to the desired pressure

It's just "insert, swell the wheel and keep rolling."

Expert opinion

A very useful tubeless repair kit in cases where the tubeless liquid can not cover the puncture of the cover and very easy to carry

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Mechas Sahmurai Sword 10 Wicks:

The Sahmurai Sword Wick s represent a great invention to repair the puncture s produced by nails, screws... in the tubeless tires. The tool consists of simple handlebar plugs that have small tools and repair wicks inserted. This way they are hidden and stored safely.

No doubt a great novelty in the world of tubeless tires that will bring out of some trouble to cyclists. The case contains 10 wicks.

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