New Tubular tyre / tire Vittoria Corsa G+

New Tubular tyre / tire Vittoria Corsa G+

Road tyre / tire Vittoria Corsa G+

This tyre manufactured in graphene presents a 19% less rolling resistance than the Vittoria Corsa standard tyre, the Corsa G + Intelligent tyre System offers adhesion like no other.


Is it going to be the graphene - GRAPHENE - the next element of change in cycling?

The graphene is a revolutionary material that is presented in a very fine format, almost transparent as a pure carbon leaf. In this extreme form of presentation is as fine as a simple atom and the brand of tyres Vittoria has used it directly on its roofs throughout the G + range.

The Corsa tyre has a 19% less rolling resistance because it is manufactured with this material (compared to the rolling resistance of the standard Corsa tyre).

In addition, the graphene gives the tyre greater adhesion – grip – and durability. For the manufacture of this tyre it is likewise attached to the graphene the most flexible Arimid cotton never developed by getting altogether the best tyre in performance from all world.

What do we know about the Vittoria brand?

The Vittoria brand belongs to the Emrpesa Vittoria Groupset which is an Italian bicycle tyre manufacturer established in 1953.

This company has headquarters all over the world, an annual production of more than 7 million tires, nearly one million tubular cotton and the production of Geax mountain bike tires.

In addition the company is responsible for distributing brands of other companies in countries where they do not arrive; We find brands such as: 3t, Mavic, Fox in Italy, 3t Cycling, Northwave, Selle San Marco, etc.

Vittoria Groupset was founded in 1988 as a new company called Vittoria Industries Ltd. With a complete restructuring of the original company in an international way. Within this process moved its production headquarters from Italy to Thailand and today the factory that has there is valued as one of the best tyre factories in the world.

New Tubular tyre / tire Vittoria Corsa G+ / Vittoria

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