Pirelli P Zero Velo, Velo TT y Velo 4S road cycling Tyre / Tire

Road bike cover Pirelli P Zero Velo, Velo TT and Velo 4S

The new tires that Pirelli just released are the return of the Italian brand to the world of cycling. The PZero Velo range will be the first to hit the market with 3 different high-end models. It is a very versatile covers, with which the cyclist can use them at any time of the year and climatology.


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They stand out by the inclusion of SmartNet Silica. It is a patented molecule that is included in the compound of the gum, adding specific properties. It seeks to increase sliding with asphalt, more flexibility when turning or changing direction with the bicycle and less friction. In addition, the Pirelli PZero Velo covers have an incredible grip, both dry and wet. This is thanks to a revolutionary drawing, which aims to remove moisture and dirt from the profile. To make matters worse, we are in front of one of the models with the best anti puncture, which translates into an increase of comfort and resistance.

The 3 models that Pirelli has presented are the following: PZero Velo, PZero Velo TT and PZero Velo 4S. Apart from that they possess different features also they differ by the color of the logo.

Pirelli tire PZero Velo with gray logo

It is a mixed version, which allows to combine the grip and lightness. It has a long service life and is perfect for both wet and dry roads. It sticks to the curves, preventing it from slipping and losing adhesion. The cyclist will appreciate the comfort he transfers to the bike.

Measures and weight: 23 mm weighing 195 grams, 25 mm weighing 210 grams and 28 mm weighing 295 grams.

Pirelli PZero Velo TT Cover with red logo

Without doubt, a slick model for competition, time trial and demanding training. It is the lightest and fastest, with only the option of 23mm. As for anti puncture protection is the safest, with a powerful system.

Weight: 165gr.

Pirelli PZero Velo 4S cover with blue logo

Although it is the heaviest, its performance justifies it with leftovers. It can be used in extreme conditions and its design is perfect for difficult terrain. Evacuate dust and water from it to perfection to keep the bike intact. Central zone with more grooves makes it behave very well on rainy days.

Size and weight: 23 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm and 205, 220 and 250 grams respectively.

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