Tyre / Tire MAXXIS Crossmark 29x2,10 tubeless

The new Maxxis Crossmark Exo KV 29 X 2.10 Tubeless is the latest model of tyres that the Maxxis brand has brought to the market. The Crossmark is the evolution of the Larsen TT and they have some tacos located in the central part of the roof that have the objective to maintain the traction and to reduce the friction with the lateral cleats. Those details will make the rider able to have a greater grip on the curves.

As a great innovation that incorporates the Maxxis Crossmark tyre, it is the use of the Exo material. This element is characterized by having a great aggressiveness and being extremely resistant to the cuts and to the abrasion of the terrain.

The new Crossmark will provide the rider with a great stability during the routes in which it takes great speeds, and a high light ness during the training thanks to the central tacos. In addition, this tyre will transmit to the cyclist, safety and confidence in the turns thanks to the side tacos

Features of Maxxis Crossmark Exo KV 29 X 2.10 tubeless tyre / tire

The new Maxxis Crossmark tyre, has measures of 29 X 2.10 cm and is tubeless ready assembly. This tyre of the Maxxis brand, has the use of UST technology which will provide a greater resistance to punctures, no pressure loss and will increase its lifespan.

This Maxxis Crossmark tyre is ideal for use in Cross Country and mixed terrain and has a maximum pressure level of 60 psi/4 bar. The 60 TPI Casing is the mid-point between resistance and a low weight.

Expert's Opinion

The new Maxxis Crossmark Exo KV 29 X 2.10 Tubeless tyres will give to the rider a high level of grip during workouts.

What do we know about the Maxxis brand?

Maxxis is a company created in 1967 with headquarters in Taiwan which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of cameras and tires of both cars, 4x4, vans, motorcycles, bicycles, motorcycles, karts, etc. Its products are manufactured in China, Thailand and Taiwan and distributes in 160 countries; In addition, Maxxis gives work to 20,000 people distributed by different countries.

Maxxis produces products of a high quality, which makes it a brand with a lot of renown worldwide. In addition, this Taiwanese company uses VIP technology, ensuring that its products will continue to evolve and be the first in quality and performance. Maxxis, having worked with professional MTB cyclist s and World Cup winners and worldwide, they have transmitted feedback that as a result shows an improved version each year.

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