Tyre Mavic Crossmax 27.5" Tubeless ready

Tyre Mavic Crossmax 27.5

Tyre Mavic Crossmax 27.5 "Tubeless Ready XC, Enduro and All Mountain

Mavic has created with the tyre Crossmax the final version. A great grip and durability coupled with lower rolling resistance are its main arguments. They are characterized by a flexible and absorbent casing, with critical areas on a reinforced wheel. In addition, they adapt very well to all types of terrain and weather conditions that you can find with your bike.

Available in several versions; That according to the measurement of the ball and the distribution of the tacos can be classified in different modalities of mountain bike: .10 and .25 indicated for Rally and marathon, while the upper widths are indicated for All Mountain and Enduro.

This 27.5" wheel tyre is tubeless Ready. This means that it offers a great anti-puncture protection. In this way, in case of perforation, the internal liquid goes to the affected area, blocking the hole, thus avoiding the air exit. Besides, the French brand has investigated and tested in recent years adherence in its circuits and professional testers.

Models of the Mavic Crossmax tyre:

  • Mavic Crossmax Press 27.5 * 2.10. This model is designed for XC mountain biking. Minimalist tacos along with an aggressive design are their main arguments. Great durability.  Weight: 580 grams.
  • Mavic Crossmax Pulse Pro 27.5 * 2.10 – 2.25. Combines the effectiveness of a light model along with the durability of the Pulse. Thus, it is possible to use it both in race and in between. High efficiency in the face of punctures.
  • Mavic Crossmax Pulse Limited 27.5 * 2.10. It has been created for the purest Rally competition. Very fast and light. Its use is multipurpose according to the ground thanks to the side blocks that conform very well to any surface.
  • Mavic Crosssmax Quest XL Limited 27.5 * 2.40. It is an ideal tyre to be used in the rear wheel of the bicycle, thanks to its large quantity of joined tacos and its drawing. Housing with dual-density Guard technology.
  • Mavic Crossmax Charge XL Limited 27.5 * 2.40. Incorporates the Guard technology to increase the hardness of the casing and a reduced weight that make it ideal for Enduro competitions. Very good braking response thanks to the central drawing. Weight: 990 grams.
  • Mavic Crossmax Charge XL 27.5 * .40. Very similar to the limited edition but with a higher weight and more durability.




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