Crossride Fts-X -26, 27.5 and 29-inch wheel

Mavic Crossride FTS-X 29", 27.5", 26" MTB wheels

The Mavic Crossride FTS-X wheels are one of the big bets of the French brand. They are at a very competitive price. For this reason, the best options for cyclists who want a reliable modelhave been positioned right away. They are perfect for all types of conditions, as they incorporate a sturdy 21mm-wide rim.


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For these wheels, Mavic has focused on QRM bearings. This type of technology implemented by the brand itself achieves highly reliablebearings. Its manufacture is by means of full suspension-sealed cartridges. In addition, they incorporate full suspension joints (2RS or LLU) and a narrow C3 interior space. All this translates into greater durability of the game and better performance.

The Mavic Crossride FTS-X design focuses on achieving good stiffness. Therefore, an aluminium bush ing is added that improves the absorption of forces. This is a very sturdy hub that keeps the tension in the spokes. These are made from steel and have a full suspension cross design, very useful to always maintain a good level of tenacity.

The free -wheel FTS-X system serves to maintain a high response level always. the ratchets have a fast gear that makes the Crossride ideal for accelerations on your bike outputs.

Features Mavic Crossride FTS-X Wheels:

  • weight: 1925 grams; Rear – 985gr, front – 940gr.
  • Color: Black with yellow shades.
  • Measurements: 26, 27.5 and 29 inches.
  • For use with air Tubes (TubeType).
  • fixing the brake discs with 6 screws.
  • Number of spokes: 24.
  • Quick closure included.
  • Maximum permissible Weight: 120 kg.
  • Front axle: 9/100 mm QR, 15/100 mm.
  • Rear axle: 9x135 (Quick close).
  • It is recommended to use with 1.4 "to .7" covers.