New cervical protection/Cervical protector Leatt DBX 2018

New cervical protection/Cervical protector Leatt DBX 2018

Cervical Protector/Neckbrace Leatt DBX 5.5/2018

The new Leatt cervical protection DBX 5.5 is one of the best protective elements that we can currently find in the market. The elaboration of the cervical protector DBX 5.5, has been carried out with the help of medical engineers, as well as medical personnel with the aim of obtaining an element that guarantees the biker the maximum protection. In addition this model of cervical protection has a high level of comfort and freedom of movement so that the cyclist can train with the maximum performance.

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The 5 adjustment positions of the Leatt 5.5 cervical protection will make it fit the rider's needs. For its elaboration it has been used the ALPT technology which will guarantee the cyclist the maximum protection and without errors in the adjustment systems. In addition, in case of an impact, the cervical protection design will spread the energy of the stroke, thus reducing the pain that the rider suffers. If the possible fall is violent, this cervical protector has rupture points (with replacement parts).

The flexibility that the chassis of this Leatt cervical protector has, will contribute to greater comfort during workouts.

Features cervical protection NECKBRACE LEATT DBX 5.5

  • Flexible co Flex Reinforcement .
  • Removable injected foam fillers.
  • SureFit System with 5 adjustment positions.
  • Rib structure adjustment.
  • Air diffusion fins.
  • It opens in two parts, as well as the emergency collars.
  • It has an emergency separation mechanism .
  • Additional spare parts.

What do we know about the LEATT brand?


The Leatt brand has its beginnings in 2001 when Dr. Chris Leatt, a week after his son began riding, witnessed the death of his partner Alan Selby. Following this fateful accident, he began to design the first protective collars. It was three years later, in 2004, that Dr. Leatt sold the first element in South Africa.

In the year 2009, Leatt received the SAMIA Award for achieving exceptional security in its products.

Leatt In addition to producing protective collars, has among its product range a wide variety of safety elements such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves or even hydration packs.

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