Collar - Neck brace Atlas prodigy

Collar - Neck brace Atlas prodigy

The new Atlas prodigy Collar is the most innovative element that has brought the brand Atlas to the sale. With this collar, the rider will have the best protection during the outings with the bicycle. In addition, this model is specially designed toDaptarse perfectly to younger or smaller riders.

The Atlas prodigy collar will also guarantee the rider the best freedom of movement so that it can train completely free but having the best protection.

Features of Atlas prodigy protective collar

The new prodigy collar developed by the Atlas brand will provide you with the best protection and comfort during your bike outings.

The Atlas prodigy Collar has a Split-Flex frame as it will adapt to the body in a way that mimics the natural movements of this one. The new easy opening system will give the rider a quick and easy opening with just a push of a button.

This Atlas brand Protective collar has a 6-position stand which is reversible to adjust the size. The Atlas Prodig y also features a two-height adjustment system and in the front incorporates a more rigid new 30mm travel suspension that will help to better dampen the impact strength.

In addition: Neck brace Atlas prodigy

Now, the back supports will increase the contact with the body by 8%, as well as thechest support is stronger, lighter and compatible with chest protectors.

Expert opinion: Neck brace Atlas prodigy

The Atlas prodigy collar will guarantee the best comfort and safety during the outings with the bicycle as it is also a very light model for greater comfort.

What do we know about the Atlas brand?

We found the beginnings of the project Atlas Neck Brace in the year 2009 by hand of the former professional of Supercross and Motocross Brady Sheren. Since then, Brady Sheren along with the entire development team Atlas Brace Technologies, has been developing the best protection s to keep the riders well protected so that they can go out with the bike in a totally Free and without having to conscious. The goal of Atlas neck Brace is to "solve many of the problematic criteria with neck protection in the most extreme sports."

Atlas Neck Brace is equipped with protective collars and breastplates. Currently, we found this brand in more than 30 countries and is used in most of the professional racing teams in the U.S.

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