Neck brace Alpinestars Bionic

Neck brace Alpinestars Bionic
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Alpinestars presents its new model of protection, the protective collar Tech Bionic devised especially to cover the need of the rider to keep the neck protected and prevent injuries in this area so delicate. The alpinestars Tech Bionic Protective collaris an element specially used in the most freeride modalities so that the rider has the best safety thanks to the dissipation of the impact energy in the event of a fall. With the right helmet and this collar, the rider will be able to train with the bike in a totally safe way and having the best comfort during the training.

Features of Alpinestars Tech Bionic protective neck brace

The new Alpinestars Tech Bionic Protective collar is a very complete protection model that will guarantee the rider the best comfort and protection. The Tech Bionic has a high-performance carbon polymer structure designed to be able to provide the cyclist with a good energy Dissipat ion in the event of an accident and to suffer the least Possible damage. In addition, thanks to the rear support, this cycling protective collar will be better adjusted to the body and with an additional width, different helmet models can be adapted. Thanks to the construction of the chest area of the raised collar, hyper-flexion injuries will be avoided .

The custom fit will help the rider to pedal with the best comfort and safety at the same time. In the inner part of the protective collar Alpinerstars Tech Bionic, it has been fitted with adaptable and interchangeable pads so that the rider has the maximum comfort and can perform more during his trainings. The built-in rear stabilize r will also help spread the energy loads transmitted by the back and shoulders.

In order to offer the user the best protective element, the Tech biotic of the brand Alpinestars, has been elaborated 40% lighter because it weighs only 735 grams.

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Thanks to the protective collar alpinestars Tech biotic, the rider can go out to train with total security and having the best comfort.

What do we know about the Alpinestars brand?

Alpinestars is an Italian brand created by Sante Mazzarolo in 1963. I take it that the new sport Motocross was being introduced with great force in Europe, to apply its knowledge and technique in the manufacture of a footwear that would cover the necessities of this new form of sport. The extraordinary boot that Mazzarolo produced "would become an archetype for the protection of motocross".

Since its inception, the company's purpose was to introduce innovative products which had very good results and performance.

The evolution of Alpinestars over time has not changed the style of design rebellious and Italian aesthetic s of the Sixties. More than 50 years later, Alpinestars has covered the needs of many world champions and manufactures products so that ride rs can train with high performance and maximum protection.

The range of products of Alpinestars is based on backpacks and backpacks of hydration, protections like elbow pads, knee pads and protections of neck and body, and clothes like gloves, culottes, jerseys, etc.

The high quality of AlpinestarsManufacturing makes it a spectacular brand that has extraordinary products that make it a prestigious brand.

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Neck brace Alpinestars Bionic / Alpinestars

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