Helmet Uvex Jakkyl-with and without removable chin-up

Helmet Uvex Jakkyl-with and without removable chin-up

Helmet Uvex Jakkyl-with and without removable chin-up

After the recent success of other brands such as Bell with their helmets of removable chin-up the rest of brands like Uvex, are "doing the homework". What to say about the trend of helmets with removable chin-up? Well little more that are very functional helmet s and economically "go on account" because you have helmets in 1.

The Uvex Jakkyl is added "Hde" at the end of the model, leaving "Casco Uvex Jakkyl Hde" as a model, to define that is the helmet that carries the chin-up included in the series; Although you will soon be able to purchase the chin-up as a spare accessory.

These removable chin-up helmets allow you to have two options in a single helmet:

  • 1 very ventilated and comfortable helmet to climb, because when removing the chin is a very esthetic, comfortable and light mountain bike helmet (the helmet with Chine weighs 630gramos, so without a chin-up there is a very light helmet).
  • 1 Fullface helmet, the model Uvex Jakkyl Hde, "very safe" for the areas of downhill by incorporating the chin. In addition, this helmet has been designed to make the cycling goggles go smoothly into the opening.

Uvex Jakkyl Hde vs Bell Super 2r

With respect to the Bell Super 2r of the 2015-, the Uvex Jakkyl, we can say that incorporates as improvement the 360 adjustment BOA; That is, the interior trim tapes completely cover the head. In the Bell model the adjustment straps leave the front part of the rider uncovered.

In addition to the aforementioned advantage that the Uvex Jakkyl has been designed with a more extensive front opening to ensure that the rider can wear a bike goggle without problems.

The Bell Super 2r incorporates a TAG adjustment system: fits the head on axes; by the circumference, same as the standard systems do, but also vertically to better fit the differences in the position of rise and fall of the head. In addition, its inmold Technology polycarbonate housing ensures a much harder surface to stop the blows and its structure is able to distort the point of impact to spread the force along the skeleton, reducing possible damage.

Both helmets incorporate the OverBrow ® ventilationsystem, which favors the flow of fresh air through the inlet channels and expel the hot air through the outlet holes, regulating the temperature in the area.

Weight and sizes

  • Bell Super 2r:
    • Weight: 694 gr
    • Sizes: S (52-56cm), M (55-59cm) and L (52-62cm)
  • Uvex Jakkyl HDE:
    • Weight: 630 gr
    • Sizes: Sizes S/M (52-57cm) and L/XL (56-61cm)

Know the brand of helmets Uvex

Uvex has been in the world of cycling for years and due to its experience and knowledge of the sector is one of the most innovative brands.

The Uvex brand is mainly focused on cycling helmets and cycling goggles. And both lines incorporate the most advanced technologies to increase the safety and comfort of riders and cyclists, getting easy to carry products throughout the day and usable in all riding conditions.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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