Helmet fullface-Full face URGE ARCHI-ENDURO RR 2017

Helmet fullface-Full face URGE ARCHI-ENDURO RR 2017

Helmet fullface-Full Face URGE ARCHI-ENDURO RR 2017

The brand Urge presents us its new model of fullface helmet Archi Enduro RR designed specifically to offer the maximum protection and comfort in the modality of Enduro. Thanks to this model of helmet Full Face, you will be highly protected during the practice of the most demanding modalities of mountain biking. In addition, this fullface helmethas a high level of comfort that will allow you to get more performance in your workouts and competitions or simply enjoying your MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE bike in a more secure way.

The new Urge Archi Enduro RR has an excellent ventilation system consisting of 10 aeration holes spread over the helmet shell surface, and strategically located in the chin area and ears to optimize ventilation. Another point in favor of this fullface helmet that has brought to the market the brand Urge is the lightness with which it counts because at weighing less than 1 kg, it guarantees a great comfort when wearing it. The interior pads of the helmet Archi Enduro RR. They have been made with a reinforced filling with antibacterial treatment.

The outer casing has been manufactured with multi- axial glass fibres and linen resin that offer a good dispersion in the energy of the impact in case of accident. In addition, this external structure has been fused with a layer made with EPS material with the aim of ensuring the best safety when using the new helmet Urge Archi Enduro RR.

This fullface helmet's adjustment system is made up of a micro metric buckle and is also compatible with most protective goggle goggles.

The helmet Urge Archi Enduro RR can be found in black, blue, grey and white.

Technical features helmet FULLFACE URGE ARCHI ENDURO RR

  • Helmet shell type: fullface
  • Designed to be used in the modality of Enduro, downhill, Freeride.
  • It has 10 channels of aeration.
  • Exterior structure made of fiberglass (80%) and linen fibre (20%).
  • Internal pads with hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment.
  • Adjustment system by means of a micrometric buckle.
  • Weight: 990 grams (size M)

What do we know about the brand URGE?

The brand Urge was created in the year 2008 and is headquartered in Colorado (USA) and Provence (France), two special places for lovers of MTB cycling . The creators of Urge have a great passion for the world of mountain biking.

Since the beginning of the brand, this has been one of the best manufacturers of Enduro, XC, Trail, All Mountain and freeride helmet s. Their products, stand out for the design and protection they convey to the rider during training or outings with the bike. The helmets Urge have been elaborated using the best technologies and systems that will improve each product in order to get the helmet more versatile and comfortable. In addition, Urge is a pioneering brand in the creation of helmets with recycled materials and linen fibers.

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Helmet fullface-Full face URGE ARCHI-ENDURO RR 2017 / Urge

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