Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone - MTB Helmet

Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone  - MTB Helmet

The Troy Lee designs A1 Drone helmet is a model of MTB helmet manufactured with the aim of offering the rider the maximum protection during his high performance training with his mountain bike. In addition, its aggressive design will transmit the energy to the cyclist in order to obtain the best results.

The Troy Lee designs branded MTB A1 Drone helmet Housing has been reinforced by poly carbonate and has the interior covered with aerospace filaments. The outer part of the helmet has been elaborated in a wide way in order to offer the maximum safety in the part of the temple and in the lower part of the head.

Helmet features Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone

The helmet A1 Drone is a model that has an exclusive design but at the same time conveys an aggressive attitude. This helmet of MTB, has 8 ventilation slots distributed by the surface of the helmet with the purpose of offering to rider an excellent aeration of the head and that this one feels comfortable during his trainings with the Mountainbike bike.

The outer casing has been manufactured in mould by polycarbonate and the interior has aerospace filaments and a Helmet shell liner which has anti-microbial properties that will absorb moisture from the Head of the rider. It also has an adjustable and resistant polypropylene visor that has been elaborated to cover the maximum of the surface of the head in order to guarantee a better protection and safety.

The A1 Drone Helmet of the Troy Lee Designs brand has a custom fit.

Weight: 320 grams

In addition

Thanks to the rugged structure of the A1 Drone helmet, the rider will always have the utmost safety when it comes to training to avoid damage if any fall or impact is suffered.

Expert opinion

The Troy Lee designs brand MTB A1 Drone helmet is a perfect model for MTB Cycling Modalities as it will provide you with the utmost comfort when it comes to training so that the rider gets the Maximum comfort and safety.

What do we know about the Troy Lee designs brand?

Troy Lee Design is a Californian brand (USA) that was founded 30 years ago by Troy Lee, a young motocross rider. Troy Lee started out as a hobby frame his helmets and those of his friends in the garage of his house. Thanks to his passion for competition and design, Troy Lee began more and more to paint helmet s for more California pilots. As time passed their products have been cogindo certain category to the point that their helmet s have been used by the greatest pilots in all types of disciplines, such as Alvaro Bautista, Loris Capirossi, J. Montoya, Jeremy McGrath, Sam Hill, Nicky Hayden, etc.

This brand is a benchmark around the world in helmet design which have great quality and provide excellent protection. The products of Troy Lee Desgin have been manufactured through a great innovation.

The range of products of Troy Lee designs is based on:

  • Helmets
  • Protections
  • Clothes
  • Backpacks
  • Bicycle Grip s

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