Spiuk Aizea Helmet

The new counter-clock and triathlon helmet that has released the brand Spiuk, is the spiuk Aizea. The new Spiuk Aizea has the best aeration property of the rider's head and will also provide the best comfort and protection when it comes to rolling with the bike.

The Spiuk Aizea helmet is the best option to buy as it will guarantee the rider the best safety when going out to train with the bike. In addition, with the purchase of this model of race helmet time trial, two inter changeable tail s of different lengths are included.

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The new model of helmet Spiuk Aizea, is a model of helmet of race time trial that will give you the best comfort when going out to train with the bicycle. The Spiuk Aizeahas a great versatility that will make it ideal for use in distance, terrain or environmental conditions.

The Spiuk Aizea watch helmet has been manufactured by an In-Mold process that will make it more resistant so that if the rider suffers a fall does not suffer so much damage when hitting the head. The in-Mold technologyis based on joining the hardtail outer casing with the internal shock absorbing system (EPS) with the aim of obtaining an element that guarantees the best protection and comfort. The Multi-Shell technology, will give you the best safety during the race so that the rider does not suffer so much pain in the part of the head in case of fall.

The Spiuk Aizea helmet incorporates an aerodynamic display which has been fixed by the use of magnets at the front. On the back, a helmet restraint system has been included which is based on a caster that will provide the rider with the best safety and comfort during his bicycle routes.

To contribute to greater comfort, rear shock s have been added on the inside and flexible eyecups with inner EVA.

Weight: 400 grams.

Expert opinion

The new Spiuk Aizea clock race helmet is an essential element when it comes to getting out with the bike as it will guarantee the rider the best comfort and protection.

What do we know about the Spiuk brand?

SPIUK Sportline is a Spanish company dedicated to manufacturing products related to the world of cyclingSPIUK Sportline was created in Vizcaya in the years 90 at the hands of a team made up of 3 people who had experience in different types of sport, marketing and finance.

The main objective of the SPIUK Sportline brand is to guarantee cyclist s products that have the highest manufacturing qualitySPIUK has been able to introduce up to 20 new countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, among others.

The range of products that the SPIUK Sportline brand has:

  • Helmets
  • Glasses
  • Footwear
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Personal Care

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