Specialized S-Work Road helmet evade -: Torch Edition/Team Astana/Evade Tri

Specialized S-Work Road helmet evade -: Torch Edition/Team Astana/Evade Tri

Get to know all the versions of the S-WORKS road helmet from the Specialized brand: TORCH, TEAM & TRI

Here we present a wide variety of models of the helmet for road cycling SPECIALIZED S-Works evade: EvadeTorch Ed, evade Team Astana, evade Tri.

Helmet Specialized S-Works Evade Torch Ed.

This new helmet S-Works evade Torch Edition has been released on the occasion of the Olympic Games. We can find it in orange-black color.

The shape of the structure of this road helmet guarantees the best aerodynamics on the asphalt; Save up to 46 seconds at 40km.

The air channels incorporating this helmet from the Specialized brand have been strategically positioned to ensure the cyclist's best comfort and that the rider's head is kept fresh at all times. In addition, it also incorporates a ultra light Mindset micro-dial that will ensure the best fit of the helmet to the rider's head.

Specialized S-Works Road helmet evade Team Astana

The S-Works evade Team is the protection model that every road rider will want to have with him. Excellent design, unbeatable aerodynamics and the best performance with the road bike or against the clock.

This new road helmet will help you to save up to 46 seconds at 40 km , thanks to its high level of aerodynamics.

The inner Matrix ultralight structure made of aramid fiber provides greater helmet shell resistance; This way the rider will have more protection on the road.

The 4th Dimension aeration/ventilation system consists of holes that will create an internal air circuit keeping the rider's head cool.

The Specialized helmet uses the micro-dial ultra-light Mindset closure system with height adjustment. The Tri-Fix system of regulation guarantees in addition to the maximum protection during the pedaling, also a great comfort.

Helmet Specialized S-Works evade Tri

The Specialized evade Tri helmet is designed to guarantee the rider an extra aerodynamic on the bike.

As an adjustment system it incorporates a very easy-to-use magnetic buckle . The 4th Dimension ventilation System incorporates holes that will create an internal air flow to increase rider comfort.

This new model of Helmet shell has the Hairport SL adjustment system; This allows the riders to be able to carry pigtails with total comfort during pedaling.

Find it available in the colors: black, red, green-grey, white-red, black-blue

Helmet Specialized S-Works Evade

The new road cycling helmet from the Specialized brand will provide the rider with the best protection and safety during his bike racing. With the Specialized S-Works helmet Evade Both men and women, the rider will have an excellent element that in addition to protecting it, will guarantee maximum comfort. For this, the helmet incorporates a magnetic clasp that will keep the helmet well attached to the rider's head.

Features of helmet Specialized S-Works Evade

The new Specialized S-Works Evade helmet will provide the cyclist with the best protection during their outings with the road bike.

The Helmet shell S-Works Evad es has an advanced aerodynamic s that, if compared with other models of road helmets, it will help you to save approximately 46 seconds at 40 kilometers. In addition, the internal structure made of aramid material will contribute to a stronger and more durable skeleton that increases the level of protection and provides the EPS structure with a support for managing the impact energy .

The new 4th Dimension ventilation system with the Specialized S-Works EvadE Road helmet has large internal aeration channels and aligned air outlets. In the case of girls in addition, they can carry pigtails thanks to its adjustment system Hairport SL that has six positions of height and a micro-adjustable dial that will optimize the attachment of the helmet to the head of the rider.

The locking buckle will help easily fit the helmet and 4x DryLite strap s Repel sweat or rain water. Besides, being gentle, you will not be bothered by the rider. The Helmet shell S-Works Evade, also has a Tri-Fix system for regulating and securing the belts and a system of straps in strap that will keep the rider well protected and also providing the utmost comfort during their outings with the road bike.

Expert opinion

The Specialized S-Works evade road cycling helmet will provide the cyclist with the best aerodynamic s in their outings with the road bike.

What do we know about the Specialized brand?

Specialized Bicycle Components is an American company that manufactures bicycles and cyclingcomponents. Specialized was created in California in 1974 at the hands of Mike Noyard. In its beginnings its production had as reference its model star of bicycle of Allez Road and that of cycling Sequoia. He feels years later, in 1981 Mike was commissioned by Tim Neenan to design a mountain bike frame that could be produced in series.

At the beginning of the years 90, it introduced in its catalog the line of urban bicycles Globe. In 2001, Mérida Bikes bought 49% of Specialized and became the company's majority shareholder and CEO .

Among the Specializedbrand's extensive portfolio of products, we find bicycles, accessories and cycling components.

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