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The new model of Casco Stego that has released the Scott brand is an element basically oriented to the hardest modalities of mountain biking. With this new mountainbike helmet, rider will have the best protection during his outings with the mountain bike. This helmet is an element that every cyclist should have if he wants to go out to train with the bicycle always having the best protection.

The helmet Scott Stego has a great system of aeration of the head of the rider that will make it has the best comfort while wearing it.

Features of the Mountain Bike helmet Scott Stego

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The new Scott Stego helmet is a helmet model made with In-Mold technology, which will make it a very strong element and provide the rider with the best protection in his outings with the bike. This new helmet model made by the brand Scott has built-in protections in the side and rear parts in order to get a helmet that provides the greatest safety to rider when he goes out to train with the bike. It can be said that the new model of helmet Stego of the brand Scott, has a very good system of aeration of the head of the cyclist to provide the best ventilation, a fast drying of the sweat and the maximum comfort During the outings with the mountain bike. Also for greater comfort and safety, it has been added an adjustment system that will provide the rider with the perfect clamping and stability so that the helmet is well adjusted and the protection exerted on the rider is more efficient.

The new helmet Scott Stego, has a weight of 340 grams.

Opinion of the expert: helmet SCOTT STEGO

The new model of Casco Stego of the prestigious brand Scott will provide the best protection to the rider during his outings with the bike so that the rider, with this helmet, will not have to worry about the safety on of the bicycle.

What do we know about the Scott brand?

Scott is a brand created in 1958 that from the very beginning revolutionized the world of skiing with the elaboration of the first cane made with aluminum. Almost 30 years later, in 1986, Scott inaugurated the most sophisticated ski factory in Italy, becoming a world-leading brand in the production of ski poles. Also in 1986 Scott brought out his first mountain bike.

In the year 1989 Scott manufactured the first Aero Bar aerodynamic handlebar, which was one of the greatest innovations in the world of cycling. Later, in 1991, he developed his first suspensions and in 1992 he was the first manufacturer of full suspension-suspension mountain bikes. Currently, Scott has expanded his portfolio of products, such as cycling shoes, helmets, running shoes, technical sport clothing, etc.

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