Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet
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Ster ling is the new helmet shell model that the Rudy Project brand has brought to the market. This tool is characterized by its light ness due to its low weight, comfort Thanks to the high quality materials used and performance.

This model of road helmet of the brand Rudy Project has a large ventilation system thanks to the 18 groove s that it has distributed along the surface. This detail will channel a flow of air through the inside of the Helmet shell so that the cyclist 's head is more aerated giving it greater comfort.

Helmet features Rudy Project Sterling

The ster ling model of the Rudy Project brand is a very complete and essential element when it comes to going out and making routes with the road bike. The Sterling Roadhelmet has been developed using Hypo allergenic and anti-perspiration materials and has a novel ventilation system thanks to the shape and positioning of the 18 ventilation grat es and Its aerodynamic design.

The Rudy Project ster ling helmet features a Fastex locking buckle and a RSR7 adjustable retention system for perfect, personalized fastening. The inside of the helmet includes a comfortable and interchangeable comforter that will guarantee the rider an excellent confort while performing his bicycletraining. This helmet also has an integrated and detachable visor and anti-insect protective fabric.

The Rudy Project ster ling helmet has been manufactured in mould and will provide the cyclist with a great style thanks to the Helmet shelldesign.

In addition

The Rudy Project Sterling Helmet is a great bet if the rider is looking to make a good route with his road bike with a helmet that provides the best comfort and protection for the rider to feel safe At all times.

Expert opinion

The new road helmet Rudy Project ster ling is the best option to buy as well as guaranteeing the rider the best protection, includes a fastening system for sunglasses.

What do we know about the Rudy Project brand?

Rudy Project is an Italian company dedicated to the manufacture of sunglasses, goggles, bags and backpacks, prescription glasses and cycling helmets. This brand was created in 1985 in Treviso by Rudy Barbazza in order to increase the performance ofathletes. Rudy Project has been a European benchmark for 30 years thanks to all the work done and the constant investment in new materials and technologies. In addition, all of its products have a high quality of manufacturing.

Currently this brand is found in more than 60 countries and has more than 3,000 establishments in Italy. Rudy Project, is today a benchmark among great world-class and Olympic athletes in modalities of cycling, triathlon, running, etc.

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Rudy Project Sterling Helmet / Rudy Project

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