Helmet Rudy Project Wingspan-time trial

The helmet Rudy Project Wingspan is the revolution in helmets to be used in race against the clock. This model was presented by Rudy Project in the Tour de France and who defends that this helmet can improve between 6 and 13 seconds in race thanks to its new aerodynamic design. In addition, the Rudy Project Wingspan has excellent ventilation and a very comfortable fit.

The new Rudy Project Wingspan has been developed for high performance ride rs or triathletes. Its great aerodynamics and Versatil ity are its main strengths. With this helmet, the rider will feel safe and protected and always offering the best comfort to the rider.

Helmet features Rudy Project Wingspan

The new model of helmet for time trial, has considerable aeration slots in order to get a comfortable and breathable helmet while the rider is wearing it but without losing its strongest point, the Aerodynamics. This helmet has a new adjustment system adjustable to three positions:

  • closed: ensures the best aerodynamics but with less ventilation.
  • Media: Combines ventilation and aerodynamics.
  • Open: Offers maximum ventilation in long runs.

The structure of the new Rudy Project Wingspan has been manufactured by mould in order to ensure that the casing is resistant to keep the rider more protected in case of receiving any blow or impact. In addition, this helmet model of the Rudy Project brand has been enclosed with a snap buckle and an anti-skid system to guarantee the rider the best comfort and protection.

The 6 ventilation slots will guarantee the rider a great aeration of the head and therefore a great comfort when it comes to riding with the bicycle.

Weight: 290 grams

In addition

The new Rudy Project Wingspan has the technology "wind tunnel", which means that thanks to the short and compact tail of the helmet shell will improve the results in race and provide a perfect performance.

Expert opinion

The new helmet Rudy Project Wingspan is the best option to buy as it is a very complete model that will proporcionará the rider the best comfort and protection and also contribute to increase their performance in race against the clock.

What do we know about the Rudy Project brand?

Rudy Project is an Italian company dedicated to the manufacture of sunglasses, goggles, bags and backpacks, prescription glasses and cycling helmets. This brand was created in 1985 in Treviso by Rudy Barbazza in order to increase the performance of athletes and then positioned in his sector and established as one of the leading companies in the area. Rudy Project has been a European reference mark for 30 years thanks to all the work done and the constant investment in new materials and technologies. In addition, all of its products have a high quality of manufacturing.

Currently this brand is found in more than 60 countries and has more than 3,000 establishments in Italy. Rudy Project, is today a benchmark among great athletes of world-class and Olympic in modalities of cycling, triathlon, running, etc.

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