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The new helmet branded Rudy Project has been released for sale is the Snuggymodel. This is a special helmet because it can be used in road and mountainmodalities. The Snuggy, is a very simple helmet but perfect for those people who are starting in the world of cycling. The Snuggy is a versatile helmet but has a very elegant design thanks to the combination of colors made. In addition, this model of helmet is very light to favor in the comfort of the rider.

Characteristics of Casco Rudy Project Snuggy

The new helmet of the brand Rudy Project, the Rudy Project Snuggy is a model that can be used in MTB and road modalities. This tool, is a key element when going out to roll with the bike, for this reason, it has been designed to provide the rider with the greatest safety and protection, together with a perfect comfort.

The outer casing has been elaborated by means of hard materials in order that the succeeding is a helmet highly resistant to the impacts or blows that it can receive during the route with the bicycle. The inner part of the helmet has padded rear shock s to achieve perfect comfort. In addition, the new Rudy Project Snuggy has a RSR adjustment that will guarantee the rider an ideal helmet shell stability.

The Rudy Project Snuggy helmet has several slots distributed around the helmet shell surface to ensure proper ventilation and cooling of the rider's head. This model of helmet of the brand Rudy Project, includes a removable visor for modalities of MTB.

The Rudy Project Snuggy is a very light helmet as it weighs between 230 and 260 grams.

Expert opinion

The new model of helmet Rudy Project Snuggy is ideal for use in road and MTB modes. In addition, with this helmet, the rider will remain protected and safe and always with the best comfort.

What do we know about the Rudy Project brand?

Rudy Project is an Italian company dedicated to the manufacture of sunglasses, goggles, bags and backpacks, prescription glasses and cycling helmets. This brand was created in 1985 in Treviso by Rudy Barbazza in order to increase the performance ofathletes. Rudy Project has been a European benchmark for 30 years thanks to all the work done and the constant investment in new materials and technologies. In addition, all of its products have a high quality of manufacturing.

Currently this brand is found in more than 60 countries and has more than 3,000 establishments in Italy. Rudy Project, is today a benchmark among great world-class and Olympic athletes in modalities of cycling, triathlon, running, etc.

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