POC Cortex - downhill / Fullface helmet

POC Cortex - downhill / Fullface helmet
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The new fullface helmet model that the POC brand has released is the Cortex Flow. This tool is so essential when practicing downhill, it has been manufactured by highly durable fiberglass and the interior has been added the EPP multimpacto liner in order that the rider is always protected Of possible blows that can be received, and thus lengthen the functional life of the Helmet shell.

The POC Cortex flow has an efficient system of ventilation of the helmet shell to keep the head of the rider aerated and to increase its comfort at the time of wearing the Cortex Flow practicing the mountain biking.

POC Cortex Helmet Features

  • The outer shell of the helmet shell has been made by fiberglass.
  • The inner casing has been manufactured with Policabronato
  • interior lining EPP multimpacto to increase the life of the helmet and increase rider protection during your training with the Mountainbike bike.
  • It contains auditory cameras to maintain balance and hearing.
  • It has 15 ventilation slots to keep the rider's head aerated and increase its comfort.
  • Adjustable visor to protect cyclist's eyes from agents such as water, mud or tree branches during descents.
  • Design that will ensure greater protection of the temples and back of the head.

In addition

The new enduro and downhill helmet from the POC brand has a chin protection to optimize your safety and make breathing easier for the rider.

Expert opinion

The helmet POC Cortex Flow is one of the best helmets that we can find in the market as it also guarantees the rider the best protection and comfort when practicing the sport that you like, the mountain biking .

What do we know about the POC brand?

POC is a Swedish company dedicated to the manufacture of cycling products. This brand is being consolidated in the market although it takes only 10 years. POC was founded in 2005 and was facing the manufacture of ski helmets. Later, at the Turin Winter Olympics, held in 2006, skier Julia Mancuso won the gold medal wearing a helmet and POCgoggles. The photos were published all over the world and it was there that POC decided to develop protection products as well but for other sports such as Freeski, snowboarding and mountain biking.

In addition, this Swedish company has the mission "todo everything possible to save lives and reduce the consequences of the accidents of the athletes of sports of gravity and cyclists".

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POC Cortex - downhill / Fullface helmet / POC

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