MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain bike O'NEAL DEFENDER 2017 helmet

MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain bike O'NEAL DEFENDER 2017 helmet

MTB O'NEAL DEFENDER 2017 cycling helmet

The O'Neal brand presents us its new model of helmet Defender, ideal for the practice of the modality of cycling of MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain Bike. With the helmet O'Neal Defender has achieved the goal that both sought: reduce the weight of the helmet shell in a way that is more manageable and comfortable for the rider.

The MTB O'Neal Defender helmet incorporates an adjustment system based on a Fidlock magnetic strip e that will keep it securely attached to the head; In addition, this magnetic stripe can be opened and closed with one hand. This helmet of the Mark O'Neal has a visor that the rider can take when he needs it.

Inside the O'Neal Defender helmet has been added a removable liner made with absorbent tissue. This model of mountain bike helmet, has 17 channels of aeration that will guarantee a correct circulation of air maintaining thus the head of the fresh user.

Technical Specifications MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE O'Neal Defender Helmet

  • MTB helmet.
  • Casing made of polycarbonate material.
  • It incorporates 17 ventilation channels.
  • Secure vertical clamping.
  • Adjustment system using a Fidlock magnetic buckle.
  • Approximate weight: 360 grams.

What do we know about the O'Neal brand?

The O'Neal brand is a manufacturer of cycling equipment and accessories for Enduro or Off Road MTB modalities, as well as Motocross. The beginnings of the O'Neal brand we found in the years 70 and currently their collections are in the top, both referring to quality and design. In addition, the O'Neal brand has an excellent quality-price ratio.

The O'Neal brand seeks to provide the rider with the utmost comfort and satisfaction by providing an experience when riding the bike. This will get you using the best materials and the highest quality, as well as making an excellent design of your sport wear-clothing.

Rob Adelberg, Tim Ferry and Ricky Dietrich are some of the pilots who use O'Neal brand products

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MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain bike O'NEAL DEFENDER 2017 helmet / ONeal

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