Road Helmet MET Rivale

Road Helmet MET Rivale

Road cycling Helmet Met rivale

The rival e is a new model of road helmet elaborated by the MET brand and that will guarantee the cyclist the maximum safety and comfort during the trainings/competitions with the road bike.

The MET rivale helmet has a great design as well as a great lightness; Which is why it will provide the rider with a great aerodynamics. The ventilation holes that incorporate this model of road helmet have been ideally positioned to guarantee the cyclist a good internal air channeling. In addition, this will provide a notable energy saving when pedaling, specifically about 3w to 50km/h.

The foam that we found inside the helmet MET Rivale offers a great breath ability In addition to having an excellent protection against possible blows when going out to train with the bike. These foams guarantee a quick drying of the sweat and will help to maintain the ideal temperature for pedalling.

The helmet MET Rivale, is an extraordinary model that has been elaborated by the technology Homothetic Embedded Skeleton which will contribute to a greater protection of the rider because in case of accident, the energy of the impact will spread by the Helmet shell housing surface. At the same time, the helmet shell structure has been elaborated using the In-moulding Inteligent Fusion technology that will make the helmet shell have a more hardtail structure.

The new MET rival e Road helmet features an easy Safe-T Advance adjustment system which works thanks to a wheel located at the rear. Thanks to the belts and side dividers Air Lite made by polyester, the sweat will dry easily and also contribute in the aerodynamics.

In the front of helmet MET Rivale incorporates a frontal rear shock of O2 Gel easy to remove to be able to be washed. This inner padding, will help to keep the rider's head well aerated and without smell ing of sweat guaranteeing so the best comfort.

The MET rival e road helmet has stickers and reflective logos that will help the rider to be seen more easily by other users on low-light days or on night routes.

Characteristics of the MET Rivale road helmet

  • Helmet specially designed for the road cyclingmodality.
  • Ventilation channels strategically located to contribute to energy saving during pedaling.
  • High level of protection against possible blows/accidents.
  • Homothetic Embedded Skeleton Technology
  • Safe-T Advance adjustment system
  • Air Lite breathable and aerodynamic side straps and dividers
  • In-Moulding Technology Inteligent Fusion
  • Reflective details.
  • colors: white/green, white/blue, white/red, black/blue, black/yellow, white, black
  • Weight: 230 grams

Expert opinion

The new MET rival e Road helmet features the Homothetic Embedded Skeleton technology to offer the rider maximum protection during training with the road bike.

What do we know about the MET brand?

MET is a leading Italian brand worldwide in both design and manufacturing of cycling helmets. The METbrand was created in 1987 in Talamona, Italy. This brand, conveys to its clients trust, care, efficiency and sustainable development. All MET helmets have the highest level of safety, protection and quality, regardless if they will be used in the most important competitions, as for the most beginner cyclists.

The cycling helmet s of the METbrand, are subjected to different tests in the in Situ Laboratory in order to guarantee the highest quality and protection to the cyclists.

The MET brand only produces cycling helmets, but of different types (MTB, road, juvenile).

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* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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