MET Inferno Helmet

MET Inferno Helmet

The new MET Inferno Ultimate helmet is one of the best helmets that we can currently find in the market. This helmet of the Road Elite range is one of the most used models by high performance cyclist s worldwide as its characteristics make it an ideal element for the most demanding cyclists.

The MET Inferno helmet has been catalogued as one of the best road helmet s that we can now find because it will provide the rider with the best comfort and protection so that it can carry out its routes with total security and With the highest performance.

Characteristics of the MET Inferno helmet

The met Inferno helmet has been developed by an exclusive component of the met brand, the UltimLite Technology. This material contributes to a clear reduction in the weight of the helmet shell with the aim of obtaining a model that is as light as possible so that the rider has a helmet that allows him to have an element that will help him to train with the utmost comfort and Performance.

The adjustable Kevlar straps will guarantee the rider the best lightness and protection when leaving the bike. With the MET Inferno helmet, the cyclist will be protected and safe during the routes with the bike and will also provide you with the best comfort.

The Safe-T Smart technology that includes the MET Inferno helmet is based on a fastening system both horizontally and vertically that will keep the rider's head and Helmet shell tightly adjusted. This adjustment will be done by means of a wheel placed on the back of the helmet.

The different openings spread over the helmet shell surface will help the rider Keep cool thanks to the air channels that are created and increase the ventilation of the head. inside the helmet shell has included washable pads made using Coolmax that will help a quick absorption of sweat, and the rider does not feel that annoying feeling of having the head wet.

Weight: 285 grams (L)

In addition

The MET Inferno helmet, has been manufactured by a cooling factor of 7.5 in order to achieve a higher performance of the rider during the route with the bicycle.

Expert opinion

The fabulous met Inferno helmetis one of the best helmets that the met brand has in its range of products. Thanks to this element, the rider will be kept fresh, protected and comfortable during his bicycle routes.

What do we know about the MET brand?

The Italian MET, is a world leading brand in design and manufacturing of cycling helmets. MET, was created in 1987 in Talamona, Italy. This brand, conveys to its clients trust, care, efficiency and sustainable development. All MET helmets have the highest level of safety, protection and quality, regardless if they will be used in the most important competitions, as for the most beginner cyclists.

The cycling helmet s of the METbrand, are subjected to different tests in the in Situ Laboratory in order to guarantee the highest quality and protection to the cyclists.

The MET brand only produces cycling helmets, but of different types (MTB, road, juvenile).

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MET Inferno Helmet / MET

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