Helmet MET Veleno

Helmet MET Veleno

The new MTB helmet MET Veleno, is a reference model in the modalities of cycling Mountain bike and Cross Country. This new MTB helmethas been developed with the intention of improving the performance of the cyclist during his bicycle trainings. With this product, the rider will not lose any positions due to a lack of performance due to the helmet shell. The new X-Country helmet, the MET Veleno, features a visor that will direct the air into the air inlets so that the cyclist's head is kept dry and able to support its performance.

This MTB helmet is one of the best that we can currently find in the market and that besides being made with excellent materials, it will provide the cyclist with the best protection and quality-price ratio.

Characteristics of Helmet MET Veleno

The new model of MTB helmet, has an exterior shell of polycarbonate and has been manufactured In-Mold with the purpose of obtaining a helmet that has the maximum resistance so that the rider has the maximum protection during his Training. With this model of helmet, the rider will have the best element to be able to go out to train with the bicycle with total protection and safety.

Thanks to the SAFE-T ADVANCED system, a support zone has been created where the pressure in the head is homogeneously reduced. The Kevlar strap s will guarantee the rider the best tensile strength and rapid sweat evaporat ion so that the rider always has the best comfort during his bicycle workouts. The Strong fit side divide rs are easy to adjust and lockable.

The new MET Veleno helmet has a visor that will protect the eyes of the rider from rain, mud or tree branches. For greater Comfort of the rider, this new helmet model incorporates a pad on the front of O2 gel which is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and will keep the front of the cyclist cooler.

Weight: 330 grams (L)

In addition

The new MTB and X-Country helmet, incorporates reflective adhesive s on the back of the Helmet shell so that other users can see it more easily.

Expert opinion

The new MET Veleno MTB helmet is the ideal element that every rider should have in his hands as it will provide the best comfort and protection to make your workout perfect and with the best performance possible.

What do we know about the MET brand?

The Italian MET, is a world leading brand in design and manufacturing of cycling helmets. MET, was created in 1987 in Talamona, Italy. This brand, conveys to its clients trust, care, efficiency and sustainable development. All MET helmets have the highest level of safety, protection and quality, regardless if they will be used in the most important competitions, as for the most beginner cyclists.

The cycling helmet s of the METbrand, are subjected to different tests in the in Situ Laboratory in order to guarantee the highest quality and protection to the cyclists.

The MET brand only produces cycling helmets, but of different types (MTB, road, juvenile).

MET Cycling protections available at CoreBicycle – Buy online with discounts.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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