Helmet Met Funandgo

Helmet Met Funandgo

The new helmet shell model that the MET brand has released is the best purchase option that every cyclist should have. The MET Funandgo helmet is a very versatile model that will provide the rider with the best protection during his routes with the bicycle. With the new helmet MET Funandgo the rider can make his trips around the city with total comfort and protection.

The latest model of Helmet shell that the MET brand has brought out, has an excellent quality-price ratio. With this element the cyclist can be sure while making his routes with the bike.

The new MET Funandgo helmetwill provide the rider with the best protection and safety while on the bike. In addition, thanks to the use of in-Moldtechnology, the energy of the possible blows that can be received will dissipate so that the cyclist receives less pain.

Helmet Characteristics MET Funandgo

The new MET Funandgo is an urban helmet model elaborated by In-Mold technology with the aim of obtaining the best helmet and more resistant to the impacts. With the MET Funandgo, the cyclist will have an element to keep him protected during his bike rides. In addition, upon receiving a blow, the force will fade with the aim of minimizing damage.

The T-Twist technology will allow the rider to be able to adjust it easily, quickly and with a single hand, and the Safe-T technology will be in charge of the occipital retention. On the inside of the helmet, you have added a hypo-allergenic padding that will guarantee the best comfort during pedaling with your bike. In addition, the detachable helmet visor has been designed with the aim of protecting the rider from the sun or rain and the anti-insect network, it will provide you with greater comfort.

Weight: 320 grams (unique size 54-61 cm)

In addition

The new urban area of the MET brand has a design with reflective elements of high visibility so that the cyclist can be seen more easily during the night or in days of low visibility.

Expert opinion

The helmet MET Funandgo is the key element that all cyclists should have among their belongings since this helmet will guarantee the best protection and comfort during the rides with the bicycle.

What do we know about the MET brand?

MET is a leading Italian brand worldwide in terms of the design and manufacture of cycling helmets. MET, was created in 1987 in Talamona, Italy. This brand, conveys to its clients trust, care, efficiency and sustainable development. All MET helmets have the highest level of safety, protection and quality, regardless if they will be used in the most important competitions, as for the most beginner cyclists.

The cycling helmet s of the METbrand, are subjected to different tests in the in Situ Laboratory in order to guarantee the highest quality and protection to the cyclists.

The MET brand only produces cycling helmets, but of different types (MTB, road, juvenile).

MET Cycling protections available at CoreBicycle – Buy online with discounts.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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