Fullface helmet MET Parachute HES - - enduro/downhill

Fullface helmet MET Parachute HES - - enduro/downhill

New protective helmet MET parachute HES - with detachable chin part

The helmet fullface MET Parachut e is a new model ideal for use with the bike enduro and, for novelty, also approved for downhill. The MET Parachute has become the brand's new best seller, as it is the lightest fullface helmet on the market; Only weighs 700 grams (in size Medium).

This innovativehelmet has been catalogued as one of the best models we can find in the market. This is thanks to its versatility, the level of protection it provides and also the great comfort that the MET parachute will guarantee the rider during his trainings.

Apart, its visor is detach able and offers a very precise adjustment range (multiposition). The weight of the final frame is not compromised, as the aluminium fixing screws are light.

Helmet Fullface Met Parachute HES

  • Size: S (51-56cm), M (54-58cm), L (59-61 cm).
  • Weight: 670 gr (sizes), 700 gr (size M), 740 gr (size L).
  • colors: black & Red, Golden Black, Black & Blue, Black & yellow, White & blue, black, pink, blue, green, etc.

Characteristics of Casco fullface MET parachute

The new MET parachute helmet has been developed through In-Moldconstruction. This applied technology uses different densities of material, obtaining a more resistant structure; That Dissipat es The energy of the possible impact the rider receives from the hull surface. The protection that this helmet incorporates in the part of the chin, will give the cyclist the maximum safety so that the rider can perform his trainings with total freedom. In addition, this protection is very light, which will make the rider not feel overwhelmed.

Another important point is Safe-T Advanced technology. It consists of a rear dial that will provide a high-precision adjustment, in order to achieve the best comfort of the cyclist in long workouts. The Double-D buckle is very intuitive and allows easy and simple closure. In addition, the Double-D strap s that incorporate the MET parachute helmetwill help to keep it snug in the proper position without making any unwanted movements.

Inside the hull have been added hypo-allergenic pads made by Gel 02. They can be easily removed to wash and improve their lifespan. They also have anti bacterial treatment. Finally, in the upper part of the hull, a support for the action chamber has been included. In this way, the pilot can register his training in maximum quality.

Expert opinion

The new model of fullface helmet manufactured by the prestigious Italian brand MET, the Model parachute, in addition to guarantee to the rider the best protection during his trainings practicing enduro or Downhill, it will provide you with the best comfort regardless of the hours the rider is riding with the bike. Also, according to the users, the MET Parachute, is a "large hull-well ventilated and light"

What do we know about the MET brand?

The Italian brand MET, is a world leading manufacturer of design and manufacture of cycling helmets. The METbrand was created in 1987 in Talamona, Italy. This brand, conveys to its clients trust, care, efficiency and sustainable development. All MET helmets have the highest level of safety, protection and quality, regardless if they will be used in the most important competitions, as for the most beginner cyclists.

The cycling helmet s of the MET brand, are subjected to different tests in the in Situ Laboratory in order to guarantee the highest quality and protection to the cyclists.

The MET brand only produces cycling helmets, but of different types (MTB, road, juvenile).

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