MTB Crossride Trail Helmet

MTB Crossride Trail Helmet

The new Crossride Trail is the latest helmet model for MTB practice that the prestigious Mavic brand has brought to the market. The Crosside Trail is one of the best helmets that currently exist in the market because it combines perfectly the stiff ness so that the rider does not hurt if it suffers any fall or impact, the ventilation so that it does not accumulate the sweat but it is It will air the head and the comfort that the Crossride Trail guarantees the rider. In addition, this helmet of Mavic has a light weight as it only weighs 310 grams.

Characteristics of Casco Crossride Trail

The Crossride Trail helmet is an ideal model to be able to train with your mountain bike in a safe and comfortable way. This helmet has a fully coated back to ensure maximum safety to the rider in the event that it receives a blow or impact while practicing MOUNTAIN BICYCLE. The resistance that the Crossridehas, will provide the maximum protection to the rider so that if it falls, the minimum damage is done.

In addition, the new Crossride Trail, has 18 slots spread over the surface of the case that will contribute to the maximum ventilation of the rider's head and thus increase its comfort. The inside of the helmet is covered with Crossride Fit pad Pads to ensure that the rider has the utmost comfort while wearing the helmet , regardless of the time it is being trained.

The new Mavic helmet features a detachable visor and a perfect Ergo Hold SL fasten ing system to ensure the best fit between the rider 's head and the helmet.

Expert opinion: MTB Crossride Trail Helmet

With the new Mavic Crossride Trailhelmet, the cyclist will enjoy great safety during his mountain bikeworkouts.

What do we know about the Mavic brand?

Since 1889 Mavic has worked on the development of its fabrics and materials to offer high performance products for all cyclist s covering all modalities of cycling: Road cycling, MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE (mountain Bike)...

Mavic is a French cyclingbrand, with a renowned track record in the market where it values its experience and the quality of its bicycle wheels (rims such as Mavic Crossmax are the best known and most seen in the Cycling of Mountain Bike competition for example).

After more than 125 years of innovation, the brand Mavic is one of the few brands that is capable of equipping from head to toe (footwear, socks, trousers/pants, jerseys/sweaters, gloves and helmet) to the cyclists of road and mountain.

In the search for CoreBicycle You can see all the equipment and accessories of the brand Mavic and with the filters of the search engine you can find the best price any part or component: Road and mountain bike Wheels with the latest tyre mounted tires, also for mountain bike and cycling route pants, sweaters, clipless pedal cycling cycling shoes and many others...

It is very easy to identify the Mavicproducts, because over time, this prestigious brand has maintained its famous yellow logo.

The range has grown year after year and now offers products for all levels and all practices.

Mavic is a quality product guarantee that meets all the requirements.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.

MTB Crossride Trail Helmet / Mavic

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