Road cycling helmet MAVIC COSMIC Ultimate/Pro 2017

Road cycling helmet MAVIC COSMIC Ultimate/Pro 2017

Helmets 2017 for road bike Mavic Cosmic Ultimate vs. Mavic Cosmic Pro

Within the Mavic branded range of Cosmic Road helmet s for the 2017 season we find two versions of this: the Mavic Cosmic Pro 2017 Road helmet and the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet 2017.

Road Helmet Mavic Cosmic Ultimate 2017

The new Cosmic Road helmet that presents the Mavic brand for this new season 2017. The Cosmic helmet of the brand will provide the cyclist with great lightness during the training/competitions/leisure outings with the road bike .

The Live fit SL Technology will ensure the rider a great adjustment accuracy without losing lightness. In terms of retention system Ergo Hold SL provide great accuracy

Road cycling Helmet Mavic Cosmic Pro 2017

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The Mavic Cosmic Pro 2017 Road helmet features a great lightness and built-in aerodynamics that will make the rider have great comfort and performance during workouts/competitions with the bike.

The Mavic brand Cosmic Pro helmet comes with a built-in adjustment system using Live Fit SL technology. This technology, together with the retention system Ergo Hold SL, will provide the rider with great stability, comfort and lightness.

As far as comfort is concerned, the Mavic helmet has been added Cosmic Pro Fit padpadding pads. In addition, these pads incorporate 37.5 material that will make the sweat drying fast.

What do we know about the Mavic brand?

Mavic is a French brand that has a wide experience in the market making all kinds of products for the world of cycling and bicycle. This prestigious brand has been working on the development of its fabrics and materials since the year 1889. It is for this reason that his wide experience has led to offer high performance products for all cyclists covering all the modalities of cycling: road Cycling, MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE (mountain bike)...

The Mavic brand stands out in the market for the high quality of its products and the manufacturing processes to which they are subjected.

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