LEATT DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet 2017

Helmet Leatt DBX 3.0 All Mountain 2017

The Leath DBX 3.0 All Mountain cycling helmet is a new head protection model, ideal for cyclists/riders who practice mountain/MTB Enduro/All Mountain modalities. It has been designed with different innovative technologies, technical materials and suitable for the product to obtain an excellent result, so that the rider can practice his favorite sport with full functionality and safety.

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The Leatt brand has manufactured the DBX 3.0 helmet with Turbine 360º technology, made of Armougel elastic visco product. Circular turbines integrated in the inner part of the helmet, just above the pilot's head. In the foam we can find the technology Leatt® 3D in-molded V-Foam. Its functions are to absorb the blow and impact, controlling the force in a rotational way and distributing it to the whole casing to reduce it and better protect the head. With this compound the impact strength can be reduced by 30-50%.

The DBX 3.0 protection also incorporates in-molded injection technology, which allows absorbing impacts on the outer shell with the EPS multilayer. This allows to offer a very resistant and light product. The ventilation system contains 18 holes with three-dimensional outputs, with an excellent function so that the rider's head is ventilated and dry during cycling competitions or training.

Leatt has incorporated the new DBX 3.0 hull with an excellent quality, with optimum performances so that the cyclist is protected and comfortable on the bike. DBX 3.0 protection for the head provides great results such as: a very suitable weight of 375 gr. and a lock magnetic system called Findlock, screw system of the visor with fuse, cavity to be able to insert the hydration tube, holes with three-dimensional ventilation , Removable breathable fabrics, etc. With a design of high technology that allow to give an excellent result for the cyclists.


Characteristics of the hull Leatt DBX 3.O

  • Homologation EN 1078; CPSC 1203.
  • Mountain biking helmet / MTB / MTB / ALL Mountain.
  • Rigid shell for shock and impact protection.
  • Interior of the helmet with 3D foam of variable density and insulating and breathable padding.
  • Designed with "Turbine" technology 360º, in which it absorbs the impacts helping to control the forces of rotational form.
  • It has 18 ventilation holes 18 distributed over the entire surface of the hull.
  • Findlock magnetic adjustment system, very easy to handle and effective.
  • Weight: 375 gr.
  • Sizes: S, M, L.


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