Kask Fast Road Helmet

Kask Fast Road Helmet

The new helmet Kask Rapido is the latest model of road helmet that the brand Kask has brought out for sale. With this model, the rider will be able to carry out his trainings with the road bike in a totally safe and free way; In addition, the Kask Rapido, will provide the cyclist with the best comfort during the bike routes.

The new model of Casco Kask Rapido will provide a perfect adjustment system for the helmet to adapt precisely to the head of the rider and at the same time, it has with it a product that always provides the best comfort During training with the road bike. In addition, the Kask Rapido is a very light model that will contribute to a better performance of the rider.


Features of Casco Kask Rapido

The new model of Kask fast Road helmet, is one of the best models currently available in the market.

The Kask Rapido has an important aeration system consisting of 24 ventilation open ings which are distributed throughout the helmet shell surface. Thanks to this, the rider will be able to make his workouts more comfortable and be able to give more thanks to the comfort that the helmet will provide. The Kask Rapido, is a model of road helmet designed and elaborated in mould in order to increase thus the resistance and durability of the helmet shell, and as a consequence, the safety and protection of the cyclist. In addition, the cover of the fast helmet shell of the brand Kask, has been elaborated by means of polycarbonate which will guarantee a greater absorption of the impacts and, therefore, a greater protection of the cyclist.

The Kask Fast road helmetalso has EPS Shell technology will help the rider not get as much damage in case of a fall. In addition, this helmet has a vertical and occipital fasten ing system, the latter based on a regulating caster on the back of the helmet shell. Thanks to the Up-N-Down adjustment system that will keep the helmet well adjusted to the head of the rider, this one has a helmet that will provide you with the best comfort and protection and that will help you to improve your Day-to-day results.

Weight: 220 grams (M)


Expert opinion

The new Kask Rapidowill provide the rider with the best protection during his routes with the road bike.


What do we know about the Kask brand?

Kask is an Italian brand born in the year 2004 that is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing protective helmet s of high quality. This brand has a lot of renown in the world of cycling, skiing, climbing, etc. The Kaskbrand, although a young company, has already been awarded with awards such as ISPO and Eurobike.

The mission of this important helmet-maker company is to "maintain a perfect balance between the technological excellence, functionality, safety and attractive design of its products"

All the products of the Kask brand have a high quality of manufacture with the aim of obtaining the best helmets of protection for the most demanding users.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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