Kask 50NTA Road Helmet

Kask 50NTA Road Helmet

The brand Kask has released the new model of 50NTA road helmet with which the rider can go out to train with complete comfort and with the maximum protection. The 50NTA helmet that has released the Kask brand has a high level of ventilation that will help the rider to have the best comfort and therefore can perform more.


Features Road helmet KASK 50NTA

The new model of Kask 50NTA Road helmet is an essential element for all road cyclists, when it comes to training. The Kask 50NTA has an Up & Down adjustment system that will offer the rider a great grip on the helmet shell so that it performs at 100% its protective function, adapting perfectly to the rider's head. The fastening straps are made by means of a thermal-fixation nylon and have a quick-closing buckle.

The outer casing of the helmet shell has been made by silkscreen-processed polycarbonate with the inside of compressed polystyrene. In the inner part of the helmet shell, a padding has been added, which has been treated to offer an antibacterial element.

In the nape of the neck, a non-slip foam coating has been added that will provide the rider with great comfort as well as extra protection for maximum safety during workouts. The 24 channels of aeration will guarantee the rider a high level of ventilation, so that it can train with total comfort.

Thanks to the high visibility details that this helmet incorporates, the rider can be seen more easily by other users, offering a greater safety to the rider.


Expert opinion

The Kask 50NTA helmet will guarantee the rider maximum protection during training.


What do we know about the KASK brand?

Kask is an Italian brand born in the year 2004 that is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing protective helmet s of high quality. This brand has a lot of renown in the world of cycling, skiing, climbing, etc. The Kaskbrand, although a young company, has already been awarded with awards such as ISPO and Eurobike.

The mission of this important helmet-maker company is to "maintain a perfect balance between the technological excellence, functionality, safety and attractive design of its products"

All the products of the Kask brand have a high quality of manufacture with the aim of obtaining the best helmets of protection for the most demanding users.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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