Best rated helmets for TT - Time Trial

Best rated helmets for TT - Time Trial


The Specialized brand has released the new model of cycling helmet TT2against the clock. The Specialized TT2 helmet is a very light and aerodynamic protective element that will provide the cyclist with the best comfort and protection during training with the bicycle.

The new model TT2 of the Specialized brand, has a ventilation system 4th Dimension by means of which the rider will remain cool during the trainings with the bicycle, being able to increase its performance. This wind tunnel system will guarantee the rider a reduction of the resistance, plus the 4x DryLite fastening system by means of hydrophobic belts, will offer the cyclist the best adjustment system to achieve maximum comfort. This time-trial helmet has a U-Turn adjustment wheels. In addition, thanks to the high level of lightness of this helmet, the rider will be able to train with the best comfort.


The brand Rudy Project has launched the Wing 57 helmet model with which the rider will be able to go out to train the cyclist mode of the time trial, taking with him the maximum aerodynamics, as well as the best comfort. The Rudy Project Wing 57 has two side open ings that will contribute to the straightening of the air flow, so that it will also have a good internal aeration of the helmet shell.

The new Wing 57, has a set of front covers, which are removable and modular and that will provide the rider the ability to manage the flow of air inside the helmet shell, thus controlling the aerodynamic efficiency and Aeration.

The Rudy Project Wing 57 time trial helmet will reduce torque, as well as fatigue by increasing rider comfort and performance on the bike. The screen that incorporates this helmet in the frontal area, will provide the cyclist with the best protection in the eye area and a great visual quality.


The new model of helmet Aerotop BHE-62 designed especially for riders of the cyclist mode of time trial because it is where the maximum aerodynamics is needed. With the new Aerotop BHE-62, it has wanted to create a helmet of time trial, that gives the rider the best comfort during the trainings, and that guarantees the best results.

The helmet BHE-62, has an intermediate length between the models more alagados and the shortest. The great aerodynamic s that this helmet offers between the head and the back of the rider, will contribute to make it a comfortable model, also eliminating the cross wind from previous models. The Aerotop helmet BHE-62 of the BBB brand, has reduced the front part of the helmet shell.

The visor that incorporates this model of time trial helmet, is ultra-thin with the aim of preventing visual distortion but thick enough so that it does not deform with the force of air flow. The back of the helmet will align with the back with the aim of reducing the air flow to the maximum and increase the resistance.

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