Helmet Protector for Cycling of Catlike Mixino

Helmet Protector for Cycling of Catlike Mixino

The new Catlike Mixino Road Helmet is the newest model of helmet that has released the brand Catlike. This model of protection for the head is perfect so that the rider can go out to train with his bicycle with the utmost comfort assured. In addition, this helmetmodel has an excellent level of ventilation so that the rider, having the maximum comfort, can improve their performance during training.

Characteristics of the Catlike Mixino road helmet

The new model of Catlike Mixino Road helmet is a protection element that all cyclists should have among their cycling belongings as it will provide the best protection during training and always having the best comfort.

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Inside the Helmet shell Mixino, has been added an internal area of Aramid, a sturdy and resistant fiber that, in case the rider suffers any fall, most of the energy would absorb the helmet shell; In this way, the rider will not receive so much pain. Also to contribute to a lesser damage of the cyclist, the helmet Mixino, has the technology Shock Absoption System which consists of the front interior part covered in polystyrene extended.

To obtain an element that provides the best comfort and fastening of the helmet, this new model of protection for the head, has a multi-position system (MPS). With this system, the helmet will provide you with 4 alternatives of fasten ing in a single adjustment system:

  • height Adjustment: adjusts the vertical position.
  • Wheel Adjustment: with a wheel on the back.
  • Rear adjustment: removes central pressure from the cervicals.
  • Ergonomic adjustment: ensures great stability by means of lateral fins.

The helmet Catlike has a high level of ventilation because it has 39 aeration holes placed strategically so that in case of impact, it does not affect more than one nerve. In addition, the Mixino helmet of Catlike incorporates an out last padding that will adapt to the temperature of the skin, so that if it is very hot the padding will absorb it and when the skin is fresh, the padding release the heat Stored.

Expert opinion

The new Catlike Mixino Road helmet will guarantee the rider the best comfort and protection during training.

What do we know about the Catlike brand?

Catlike is a company created in 1985 by Pepe del Bouquet, who inherited from his father the passion for the world of cycling. The name of the brand was chosen by his roots as he was nicknamed "the Cat". In 1996, Catlike registered the first logo of the brand and the first helmet shell of the brand was manufactured, the Airlock; Model that was very popular in Europe in the late nineties. Three years later, in 1999, it was developed in Spain, the first helmet made by the In-Mold process and the lightest in the market with only 180 grams. In 2004, Catlike introduced in his portfolio of products, goggles, cycling shoes and socks.

Currently, the prestigious cycling brand Catlike, has the main headquarters in Murcia.

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