Helmet Catlike Kompacto

Helmet Catlike Kompacto

The new helmet Kompact'O of the brand Catlike is a very particular model since it has been designed for Road, MTB and urban with a visor easily which will be very easy to put and to extract. With the Kompact'O, Catlike presents us the most versatile helmet model that it has between its product portfolio and one of the best that we can find in the market.

The Catlike Kompact'O helmet will provide the rider with the best comfort and protection during his routes with the bicycle of both Mountain, road and urban. With this model of Catlike the rider will have with him the best and essential tool to go out to pedal with the bicycle with total security.

Characteristics of the helmet Catlike Kompact'O

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The Catlike Kompact'O is one of the best and most versatile helmets we can find in the market today. With this element the rider will always be very well protected.

The Kompact'O helmethas 21 air inlets placed strategically to provide the rider with the best comfort and aeration of the head. Thanks to this, the cyclist will be able to continue pedalling with total freedom and comfort to improve the results every day. For the rider to have greater security, has been used LNP technology with which you add a protection in the lower part of the neck as it is a very sensitive and delicate area to blows.

To ensure a great comfort of the rider's head and a perfect holding of the helmet shell, the new Catlike Kompact'O has different adjustment systems that will contribute to an ideal helmet attachment to the rider's head. , which will be reflected in a great comfort and protection of this one.

The helmet Kompact'O of the brand Catlike has spread throughout the surface different reflective stick ers that will make that the rider can be seen by the other users of the way during his nocturnal routes with the bicycle or in Days of low visibility. the new helmet Catlike Kompact'O, has a removable visor and another, which is also removable but has been made with fabric for the rider can use the helmet with the urban bicycle.

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The new helmet Catlike Kompact'O is one of the most versatile helmet models that we can find and will provide the rider with the best protection in both MTB and road modes.

What do we know about the Catlike brand?

Catlike is a company created in 1985 by Pepe del Bouquet, who inherited from his father the passion for the world of cycling. The name of the brand was chosen by his roots as he was nicknamed "the Cat". In 1996, Catlike registered the first logo of the brand and the first helmet shell of the brand was manufactured, the Airlock; Model that was very popular in Europe in the late nineties. Three years later, in 1999, it was developed in Spain, the first helmet made by the In-Mold process and the lightest in the market with only 180 grams. In 2004, Catlike introduced in his portfolio of products, goggles, cycling shoes and socks.

Currently, the prestigious cycling brand Catlike, has the main headquarters in Murcia.

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