Bontrager Quantum Helmet

Bontrager Quantum Helmet

The Bontrager Quantum Helmet is an indispensable element for cyclists when they go out to train with their road bike. The structure of the Bontrager Quantum Helmet shell has been elaborated using the In-Mold technology, which will help a better adaptation of the helmet shell to the rider's head, as well as an increase in the rigidity of the helmet to offer the cyclist an excellent protection.



The new model Bontrager Quantum Road helmet, is a model that will provide the rider with great comfort during training with the bike. The Quantum helmet shell is a model made with in-Mold technology to make the helmet shell more resistant to possible blows, thus increasing the safety of the rider.

The Micro-Manager system is a very helpful element, as it will help the helmet adapt perfectly to the rider's head, both in size and shape. On the inside of the Bontrager Quantum, we find some rear shocks that will eliminate the humidity of the cyclist's head, offering him a better comfort. The LockDown separators will make it easier for the rider to fit the helmet by means of the fastening straps.


In addition

The Bontrager Quantum helmet has a removable visor so that the rider can put and remove it as it suits.


Expert opinion

The Bontrager Quantum helmet has a guarantee of replacing the helmet in the event of an accident during the first year.


What do we know about the BONTRAGER brand?

Bontrager, was created in California in the year 1980 with the intention of establishing a company that was dedicated to the manufacture of products for the world of cyclingBontrager arose from the need to create cycling equipment which was resistant and allowed the cyclist to overcome limits, promote such sport and redefine quality expectations. At the end of the years 70, Keith Bontrager, took advantage of the introduction of a new modality of mountain biking to see the need for the elaboration of pieces that had a high quality and that Satisfy the mountain cyclist.  

Keith Bontrager, who had already manufactured components and bicycle frames crafted in the garage of his house in Santa Cruz, California, began to register the containers of the bicycle workshops in Southern California with the Purpose of collecting broken pieces and then analyzing them. of each broken piece, I studied failures to create better and more resilient designs.

BontrageR products have a great strength and lightness, which makes it positioned as one of the best brands in the world, manufacturing components for bicycles.

Later, in 1995, Bontrager sold the company Bontrager Cycles to Trek Bicycle to be able to focus on the design and testing of components bicycles.

The product range of Bontrager is very wide:

  • Accessories (drums, bottle, pumps, odometer, fenders, lights..)
  • Footwear (Cycling shoes, sportful)
  • Components (Brakes, handlebars, power, grips, saddles, seatposts)
  • Nutrition and Training (GPS, Pulse)
  • Protection Helmets)
  • Clothing (Vests, jackets, culottes, caps, gloves, jerseys, grips, leg warmers...)
  • Wheels and Tyre s (Covers, tubes, rim backgrounds, tubeless kit, wheels, valves)
  • Workshop (Tools, supports, puncture repair)

Bontrager – all components, accessory and cycling kit Bontrager available in the search engine of CoreBicycle with offers.

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