Bell Gage Road Helmet

The new Bell Gage Road helmetis a helmet model designed for the most demanding riders. With this element, the cyclist s will be able to carry out their training with the road bike with a high performance and also, with an excellent safety. The Bell Gage Road Helmet is the perfect product that every road cyclist will want to have in their hands.

The new Bell Gagewill give the rider a great aeration thanks to the 26 ventilation slots spread over the helmet shell surface. In addition, this model will provide you with great comfort to favor a more effective training of the cyclist.

Bell Gage Helmet Features

The new Road helmet designed by the Bell brand, the Bell Gage, is a helmet model that will contribute to a better training of the rider and more effective.

The Twin Axis Gear (TAG) system that incorporates the Bell Gagewill guarantee the rider a perfect fit to the head of the safety. Thanks to the ventilation system that has integrated the helmet shell which has 26 ventilation slots strategically distributed by the surface of the helmet shell, let the fresh air pass to keep the head of the rider dry.

The Bell Gage helmet has a X-Static antimicrobial padding system that will help the fabric to dry quickly and thus the rider will also get more comfort. Thanks to the reinforcement that incorporates the Bell helmet in the inner part of the helmet shell, it will be achieved to increase the aeration of the rider 's head so that it has a greater comfort.

The casing of the Bell Gage Road helmet has been elaborated by an in mold process with the aim of increasing the helmet shell's resistance and, consequently, the safety and protection of the rider.

Expert opinion

The new road helmet Bell Gage, is the perfect option that every rider should have in his hands because it will provide the best protection and also with this element, the rider will be able to perform higher workouts Performance.

What do we know about the Bell brand?

The prestigious Fabrcante brand of helmets Bell has its origins in California in 1923 although it did not manufacture its first helmet until the decade of the 50. Des then and so far has been and is considered one of the most recognized brands and also pioneers in the manufacture and design of helmet s for Speed sports among which we can find cycling.

Bell, having so much experience in manufacturing these important elements when it comes to going out with the bike has become a synonym of security and confidence. In addition, Bell, uses the in-Mold Bottom Warp process in the rear to be manufactured, in order to ensure greater solidity in the middle and lower part of the helmet shell.

The range of products that Bell has is very wide, but basically divided into three different lines:

  • Road, Mountain and snow motorcycl ing helmets. It also has accessories.
  • Fullface Cycling helmets, Dirt & Jump, MTB helmets, road, for children...
  • It also has a line of Bell clothing Although this is not technical.

All the products of the prestigious brand Bell will guarantee the rider a great protection because they have been manufactured with the latest technology and innovation and with the aim of obtaining the maximum security so that The cyclist stays protected when practicing his or her favorite sport. To design their products and provide maximum security, Bell is very aware that "there are no two impacts equal".

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