Helmet 661 SixSixOne EVo AM three MIPS - Mountain Bike

Helmet 661 SixSixOne EVo AM three MIPS - Mountain Bike

SixSixOne introduces us to its new MTB helmetmodel, the EVO AM three MIPS. This excellent helmet will provide the cyclist with the best feeling of safety so that he can go out to perform his trainings with total freedom.

The SixSixOne EVO AM TRES helmet by incorporating the innovative MIPS technologywill guarantee the rider the best protection because what this technology will do is to disseminate the energy provided by the impact.

SixSixOne EVO AM three MIPS helmet features

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The new model of MTB EVO AM three MIPS helmet of the prestigious brand SixSixOne, is a helmet devised to guarantee the cyclist the maximum protection during his outings with the bicycle in the modalities of cycling of Enduro and All Mountain. With this helmet, the rider will keep well protected, especially the back of the skull.

The SixSixOne EVO AM three MIPS helmet is a helmet model made using the in mold system because by merging the internal and external casing, it will make the helmet obtain a great solid ity and it will become an exceptional protection For the cyclist. With the EVO AM three MIPS helmet from the SixSixOne brand, the rider will have an element that will keep him protected during his outings with the Enduro and All Mountain bike but will also guarantee the best comfort. This comfort will come in part thanks to the ventilation system that the helmet gives to the rider and that will keep his head always aerated, dry and fresh. anti Bacterial Padshave been added to the inside of the helmet.

The MIPS technology that it incorporates will disperse the force of the blow in case of a fall so that the rider has the minimum possible pain.

The new MTB helmet SixSixOne EVO AM three MIPS, has an unbeatable magnetic clamping system that in addition to keeping the helmet well attached to the head of the rider, keep it well protected during training with the Bike.

Expert opinion

With the new SixSixOne EVO AM three MIPS helmet the rideR will always be protected as the MIPS version also decreases the risk of injury if a fall is suffered.

What do we know about the SixSixOne brand?

SixSixOne is a brand created in the year 2000, in California, United States. From its beginnings the brand sought to create useful protections for the most risky modalities of MTB, BMX and Trial.

The lovers of the downhill, the Enduro, freeride, Urban Freeride, soon began to use the protections created by the brand SixSixOne. Coming to the present day that the most prestigious riders use the protections of the recognized brand.

SixSixOne's range of products includes mainly the world of cycling and develops products such as: helmets, knee pads, elbows, breastplates, gloves, shoes, shorts. But also with the purpose of increasing the market and being able to meet a greater number of athletes, SixSixOne also performs specific protections for bikers. Among which are the boots, breastplates, gloves, knee pads... with a design specially directed to the bikers.

Without a doubt the SixSixOne protection s meet the demands of the riders who face more risky challenges, transmitting greater security in the most delicate areas of the body such as joints, head or Back.

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