Fullface Helmet for Mountain Bike (Enduro and downhill) 661 SixSixOne Comp

Fullface Helmet for Mountain Bike (Enduro and downhill) 661 SixSixOne Comp

The helmet shell 661 Comp is the economic model of the SixSixOne brand. However, it has all the technology and experience of the brand in the models of high ranges.

The helmet SixSixOne 661 Comp is a model of fullface helmet ideal to be used in the mode of downhill cycling. This helmet is a model that will provide the rider with the best protection during training with the bicycle. With this model of fullface helmet elaborated by the brand SixSixOne, the cyclists will be able to train in a free and comfortable way having always the best protection.

The SixSixOne helmet will guarantee the rider the best safety during the descents with the bicycle to prevent the rider from harming or diminishing it when he suffers a fall.

SixSixOne Comp Helmet Features

The new Comp model of the fullface helmet of the brand SixSixOne is the ideal element for all cyclists who practise DH mode. This model of fullface helmet has a light casing which has been manufactured by the one of poly carbonate with the objective of elaborating an element that gives the rider a great resistance during the trainings. With this model of helmet, the cyclist will always be well protected during the outings with the bicycle so that it can train with total freedom.

The helmet SixSixOne Comp, has 1 ventilation open ings of the helmet shell in order to guarantee the rider the best ventilation of his head so that it can train in a more efficient and high performance. With the helmet SixSixOne Comp, the rider will be able to perform more and better.

With the new fullface helmet of the brand SixSixOne, the cyclist will have a great visibility as it has broadened the field of vision of previous models. Inside the helmet shell has been added EPS foam, which will reduce the energy of the impacts that can receive the rider during his training with the bike, caused by any possible fall.

Materials: 47% ABS, 10% EPS, 7% polypropylene, 4% metal, 7% foam, 10% foam

Weight: 930 grams (Size M)

What do we know about the SixSixOne 661 brand?

SixSixOne is a brand created in the year 2000, in California, United States. From its beginnings the brand sought to create useful protections for the most risky modalities of MTB, BMX and Trial.

The lovers of the downhill, the Enduro, freeride, Urban Freeride, soon began to use the protections created by the brand SixSixOne. Coming to the present day that the most prestigious riders use the protections of the recognized brand.

The range of products SixSixOne has mainly includes the world of cycling and develops products such as helmets, knee pads, elbows, breastplates, gloves, shoes, shorts. But also with the purpose of increasing the market and being able to meet a greater number of athletes, SixSixOne also performs specific protections for bikers. Among which are the boots, breastplates, gloves, knee pads... with a design specially directed to the bikers.

Without a doubt the SixSixOne protection s meet the demands of the riders who face more risky challenges, transmitting greater security in the most delicate areas of the body such as joints, head or Back.

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Fullface Helmet for Mountain Bike (Enduro and downhill) 661 SixSixOne Comp / 661 SixSixOne

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