Omen Spy Goggle Goggle

Omen Spy Goggle Goggle

Spy Optic s gives us its new model of protection goggles Omen MX with which the rider can go out to train completely free and having already greater protection in the eyes. Thanks to this new model of goggles, the cyclist will have the safety necessary to be able to go out to train with the bicycle having the maximum visibility and also, of high quality.

The RISE ventilation system that uses the Omen MX of the Spy Optic s brand will provide the rider with a perfect anti-fog vision.

Features of Spy optics Omen MX Protection goggles

The new Omen MX is one of the most complete models of the Spy optic s brand as it will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort and protection during their outings with the bike. The frame of the cycling protection goggle Omen MX has been made with polyurethane material with the aim of obtaining a flexible mount to guarantee the rider the best comfort.

The Spy Optcs Omen MX goggle s have anti-fog lenses, which are also resistant to possible scratches that the rider can receive during his bicycle training. Thanks to the Spy brand's RISE ventilation system , the rider will have an element that, in addition to protecting it, keeps it well ventilated.

The inside of the protective goggle has been added a Quad isotron foam layer with Dri-Force liner Moisture Control ; In this way, the rider can train in a totally comfortableway. In order to achieve an element that guarantees maximum comfort to the cyclist, a silicone band has been added to prevent the goggles from slipping through the helmet during training.

In addition

The Spy Optics Omen MX Protection Goggle will provide the rider with a 100% UV protection.

Expert opinion

The new Spy Optics Omen MX goggle s will guarantee the rider the best safety and Maximum Vision during his outings with the bike.

What do we know about the Spy optics brand?

Spy Optic s is a brand in charge of developing protective goggles and sunglass es although among its product portfolio we can also find other products such as sport wear-clothing, earphones, backpacks, etc. Spy Optics, was Created in the years 90 at the hands of a groupset of athletes and passionate design people who were looking for a new perspective for glasses through the use of technology. This technology used in its manufacture arose from his passion for motorcycles, skiing and racing.

The products offered by the Spy Optic s brand have a high level of quality that will make the user have a satisfactory element.

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