Glasses Goggle Smith Optics Fuel V2

Glasses Goggle Smith Optics Fuel V2

The prestigious American brand Smith Optic s is now presenting its new model of Fuel V. Cycling goggles. The protection goggle Fuel V. is one of the best models that we can currently find in the market as it will provide the rider with the best safety when going out to train with the enduro bike, preventing small Elements such as sand can damage the vision or simply so that the rider can have a high level of visibility.

Smith Optics Fuel V. Protective Goggle Features

The new Fuel V. Protection Goggle of the Smith optic s brand is a key tool when going out to train with the bike. These goggles of the brand Smith Optic s are a very versatile element since they have two lenses, one of mirror and another transparent to be able to adapt to the needs of the rider. On the inside of the V. Fuel Goggle, a Swet-X triple density foam has been incorporated which will contribute to a perfect fit of the goggles to the cyclist's face in order to provide the maximum comfort when it comes to leaving the Bike. In addition, these bike protection goggle s that have been released Smith Optics, has a joint placed on both sides of the goggles.

In addition

The Smith Optics Fuel V. Protective Goggle has been designed with quality finishes to offer the rider the best protection goggles.

Expert opinion

The new Smith Optics Fuel V. Protection goggles will guarantee the cyclist the best protection and comfort when it comes to training with the ENdurobike.

What do we know about the Smith optics brand?


Smith is a company founded in Idaho, United States by dentist Bob Smith. The company was the first to create a sun glass es for skiing, with a slow sealed thermal and breathable ventilation foam.

This achievement was a revolution in the field of the ski goggles and soon his fame served him to gain a lot of prestige.

Its founder, Bob Smith, far from conforming to that success, continued to investigate to continue innovating with eyeglass lenses and his are some of the most significant advances as:

  • 5x Anti-Fog interior lens
  • Roll-OFF ventilation system
  • ODS Ocular bar end System
  • Polarized ChromaPop Lens

Thanks to these innovations and many others, the American brand Smith is a benchmark for quality and innovation in the world of sports sunglasses. Whether for skiing, cycling or motorcycling.

At present, Smith Optics sells its products in more than 50 countries through specialized sports equipment stores, as well as having located logistic operations centers in several countries. Smith, without a doubt, has managed to create products of un paralleled quality, to satisfy the most maverick athletes.

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