Oakley MX Crowbar - Goggles - Bicycle Protection Mask

Oakley MX Crowbar - Goggles - Bicycle Protection Mask

The new Crowbar MX brand Oakleand, are the perfect model of protective masks. The Crowbar MX are the result of 25 years of technologies applied to goggle s and will provide the rider with the maximum safety and performance so that it can perform the best workouts.

The Crowbar MX protection goggle s are the ideal model to keep the rider protected during their outings with the mountain bike.

Characteristics of goggles Oakley Crowbar MX

The new model of goggles Crowbar MX has a frame or Matter which is flexible and lightweight that will keep the rider always protected against impacts so that it can perform the best workouts. The Crowbar MXmask lenses have an improved anti-fog treatment that will contribute to an ideal, clear and peripheral vision.

The Oakley Mask adjustment system will make it securely attached to the rider 's helmet so that it cannot be disturbed during the outings with the bicycle. The new goggles Oakley Crowbar MX, will absorb the energy of possible impacts that can receive the rider in order to keep it safe so that it can train safely.

A novelty of these protective goggles of the Oakleybrand, is that it has a removable nose protection; In this way, the rider will be able to train safely and with total freedom.

Expert opinion: Oakley MX Crowbar

The new protective masks Oakley Crowbar MX will keep the rider well protected and also provide the best vision to perform the best workouts with the bike.

What do we know about the Oakley brand?

Oakley is a company originally from North America that was founded in 1975 by James Jannard which had an initial investment of 300 dollars and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of sports and fashion equipment. Among its wide range of products we can find sun glasses, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, clothes, backpacks, shoes and other accessories. Oakley currently has more than 600 patents for spectacles, materials and performance equipment and has become a brand of excellence and renown and the solution to the challenges faced by cyclist s who Want to perform a training with an excellent performance.

The brand Oakley was a before and after when practicing sport thanks to the introduction of the use of sunglasses. This prestigious company used Previous innovations to create the Eyeshades ®; The design of this product was the beginning of an evolution in the spectacles that became a vital equipment when practicing sport and that the sun does not disturb.

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Oakley MX Crowbar - Goggles - Bicycle Protection Mask / Oakley

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