Protective goggles Maikun L.E.G.O.

Protective goggles for MTB-enduro-downhill of the Italian brand Maikun model L.E.G. or they will not leave you indifferent. With a truly authentic style this Italian brand is getting stronger in the cycling masks market.


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These goggles have been made by combining a classic mount with 3d high-density foam. In addition, as a strong point they incorporate anti-fog lenses and their adjustment strap incorporates silicone reinforcements that guarantee a perfect grip and no movement during Riding.

Features of MAIKUN L.E.G.O goggles

  • Scratch Mount
  • Anti-Fog Lens
  • 3d density Foam
  • High-tech Filter
  • Adjustment strap with three silicone strips

What do we know about the Maikun brand?

This Italian brand is making a dent in the cycling market thanks to the great quality of the products it is offering.
2013 represented the year of change for the Maikun brand: It was when Maikun began to offer a complete collection to the riders of high quality products with 100% manufacturing in Italy, manufactured with the latest materials and with the best advances Technological.

Thanks to Stefano Fudelli and his experience, Maikun has been able to present a complete collection of products specially designed for BMX.

The collection of casual clothing that has been manufactured has also been completely refurbished with current colors and shapes... obviously coordinated with the technical accessories.

To this day Maikun inspires a whole generation of riders that move under the logo "born to Ride born to be Maikun". This spirit of Maikun has been the one that has lasted over the years, because those who were born as riders, were born to Maikun! :D