Goggles Goggle 100% RaceCraft Plus 2018 for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE

Goggles Goggle 100% RaceCraft Plus 2018 for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE

Goggles Goggle 100% Racecraft Plus 2018 for Enduro and DH

The Racecraft Plus 2018 is a versatile model, which has been conceived as an evolution of the previous Racecraft. They blend an elegant and modern style with the best technologies of the mountain bike market, all patented by 100%. Thus, a high-end performance is achieved, allowing to increase the field of vision to the rider and provide protection against abrasions in the area of the face.

Features protective eyewear 100% Racecraft Plus

The best materials have been used for the manufacture of your body. It seeks to endow the structure with the necessary stiff ness, while maintaining a remarkable level of elasticity. In this way, you can increase the comfort of this protection, so that it adapts smoothly to the rider's face. In addition, the interior of the goggles is coated with a triple layer of foam, which rear shocks in case of impact and dries the humidity of the area quickly. The Air intake technology also contributes to keeping the cyclist's face fresh.

The 100% Racecraft Plus goggle goggle strap is large (45 mm). This is so to better anchor in the helmet shell, and comes with silicone insert s to be able to fix better in any size and sizes. The bicycle does not move the least of its initial position. The Nose protector is interchangeable

As for the lens, it is worth mentioning that it provides an impeccable and very sharp view of everything on the road. It has been designed as a single large screen, to provide a peripheral point of view so as not to lose any detail, with injected mirror lens . As if it were not enough, it adds an anti-fog treatment, which prevents the mirror fogging when heated or the weather is humid. colors: Daffed-silver mirror lens, Sour Soul-silver mirror lens, Bilal-silver mirror lens.


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Goggles Goggle 100% RaceCraft Plus 2018 for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE / 100%

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