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100% RaceCraft 2017 - Goggles - Bicycle Protection

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The new goggles 100% Racecraft are one of the best models of the brand 100% that currently we can find in the market. This new element, will provide the rider with the best protection when going out to train with the bike; In addition, the new Racecaft of 100%, have a high level of functionality and precision in the vision. With the protective goggles Racecraft 100%, the cyclist will have an extraordinary element that will keep him protected when going out with the bike.

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The protection goggles 100% Racecraft are an essential element when going out to practice with the downhill bike as it will provide the rider with the perfect combination of adjustment and balance so that it can train with the Maximum freedom. To keep the rider better protected, it has been added to the goggles, a removable nose protector that will guarantee the best safety when going out to train with the mountain bike.

In the inner part, the protective goggle 100% Racecraft, has a triple layer foam Thirsty that will contribute to the breathability of the goggles, thus giving the best comfort to the rider.

The Lexan anti-fog lenses will make the rider have a better view during workouts with the bike. With the aim of keeping the cyclist comfortable, the new 100% Racecraft Protective cycling goggles have a silicon-coated Sujeció bandthat will prevent possible slippage by the hull.

In addition: goggle 100% RaceCraft​

This protective goggles, created by the 100%mark, has different ventilation channels that will contribute to a good air circulation.

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The 100% Racecraft Protection goggle will provide the rider with the best protection in his eyes during his outings with the bicycle, without losing vision quality and having the utmost comfort.

What do we know about the 100% brand?

100% is a brand that has always been related to the world of motocross and countless emblematic moments that have created and promoted the basis and history of this sport as we know it today. 100% was created at the beginning of the years 80 when its particular and famous logo adorned the great teams of motocross.

Currently, 30 years later, 100% inspires a new generation of runners.

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