Knee Brace and Elbow pad TSG Second 2nd Skin .0 2018

Knee Brace and Elbow pad TSG Second 2nd Skin .0 2018

Knee Pads and elbow pads TSG SECOND SKIN 2017-2018

Find in the search engine of COREBICYCLE all models of elbow pads and knee pads of the TSG brand for the practice of the different modalities of mountain biking/MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE.

Knee Pads and elbow pads TSG SECOND SKIN .0 2018

BMX Second Skin .0 Cycling protections are the new model that the TSG brand has brought to the market. These elbow pads and knee pads stand out mainly for the best protection and comfort.

The TSG Second Skin .0 elbow pads and knee pads incorporate a lycra and flexible membrane made of comfortables and feature a breathable mesh fabric

The grid fabric will provide the best comfort thanks to the breathability sensation.

Features of pads and elbow pads TSG Second Skin .0
  • Protections that stand out for lightness, Transpirbilidad and flexibility.
  • It has a flexible and protective foam.
  • Color: Black.
  • Sizes available: XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL.
  • Weight: 230 grams.

TSG Second Skin D30 Knee Pads

The prestigious brand TSG has released the new model of knee pads with D3O technology that will provide the rider with the best protection when going out to train with the bike. The new Second Skin pads have been designed for riders who want to have an element that keeps them safe during training and that they are also discreet and do not attract much attention.

The TSG Second skin brace s will guarantee the rider the maximum comfort when going out on the bike, since they have been designed with Lycra and in such a way as if they were a second skin and in this way, they fit perfectly to the legs of the rider. In addition, the D3O pads will provide the rider with a great absorption of the impact energy in the event of an accident. These D3O pads will harden at the moment of receiving a blow, so that the biker receives the minimum pain.

Features knee pads TSG Second Skin D3O
  • Elastic strip.
  • EVA foam Material D3O pads with anti-perforation reinforcement.
  • Lycra sleeve.
  • Coating with Kevlar material.

Elbow pads TSG SECOND SKIN D30

The TSG brand introduces us to its new model of Second Skin D3O elbow pads through which the rider will be able to go out and train with the highest level of security and comfort. With the Second Skin D3O the cyclist will not have to worry about their protection when it comes to getting on the bike.

The TSG Second Skin D3O are considered one of the best models that the TSG brand has on the market today. With these elbow pads, the biker can go out to train with total freedom and having the maximum performance. The new Second Skin D3O, will guarantee the cyclist the utmost comfort thanks to its design made with Lycra. The D3O pad with which it counts, will contribute to an excellent comfort thanks to its great capacity of absorption of the blows in case of accident. The D3O material will harden when it receives a blow so that the rider does not suffer the consequences of the impact.

Features elbow pads TSG Second Skin D3O
  • High level of protection.
  • Made with LYCRA material.
  • D3O Material that will harden upon receiving an impact, thus absorbing all the power of the blow in the event of an accident.
  • High level of rider comfort during workouts

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