Knee pads Troy Lee Designs KG 5450

Knee pads Troy Lee Designs KG 5450

The KG 5450 Knee Pads of the prestigious Troy Lee designsbrand is a new model of cycling protection s that, by being longer than normal, covers the function of Espinillera. These knee pads Troy Lee Designsare one of the best models of knee pads currently on the market; All cyclist s should have this product among their belongings.

The new KG 5450 knee pads have been manufactured to protect the rider during his bicycle workouts and to prevent them from getting hurt in the event of a hit or impact. The materials used to manufacture the knee pads KG 5450 will provide the rider with the best protection.

Features of knee guards KG 5450

The Troy Lee designs KG 5450 braces have been made with aramid fabric in order to prolong their duration on all by the abrasion of the terrain for which the rider will pass. The silicone coating that incorporates this new model of braces will contribute to a better adhesion on the surface.

The new model of knee pads KG 5450 has Doctor Shock technology, that is to say, rigid and light protective plates. The inner foam that includes this knee pads has the utmost flexibility and fits perfectly to the knee in order that the rider always has the best comfort and can flex the knee of Comfortable way. In addition, in the articulated parts of the brace, we will find a system of ventilation and breathability.

The elastic ity with which the new Troy Lee designsbrand of knee-brace features, will make it easier for the rider to hold the brace and avoid possible slippage.

In addition: Knee pads Troy Lee Designs KG 5450

The new KG 5450 knee pads by Troy Lee designs, have been elaborated with the best materials and of highest quality to offer the rider the maximum protection during his routes with the bicycle and always Giving the cyclist the best comfort. In addition, the KG 5450, being longer than normal, will also cover the part of the Espinillera, guaranteeing the rider a greater protection for his legs and all in one piece.

Expert opinion: MTB Knee protection Troy Lee Designs KG 5450

The knee pads kg 5450 are one of the best models of cycling knee protection that we can find currently in the market as the kg 5450 will provide the rider with greater security when Ride the bike.

What do we know about the Troy Lee designs brand?

Troy Lee Design is a Californian brand (USA) that was founded 30 years ago by Troy Lee, a young motocross rider. Troy Lee started out as a hobby painting his helmets and those of his friends in the garage of his house. Thanks to his passion for competition and design, Troy Lee began more and more to paint helmets for more California pilots. As time passed their products have been cogindo certain category to the point that their helmet s have been used by the greatest pilots in all types of disciplines, such as Alvaro Bautista, Loris Capirossi, J. Montoya, Jeremy McGrath, Sam Hill, Nicky Hayden, etc.

This brand is a benchmark around the world in helmet design which have great quality and provide excellent protection. The products of Troy Lee Desgin have been manufactured through a great innovation.

The range of products of Troy Lee designs is based on:

  • Helmets
  • Protections
  • Clothes
  • Backpacks
  • Bicycle Cuffs

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