Knee pads and Elbow pads RACER PROFILE

Knee pads and Elbow pads RACER PROFILE

Knee pads and Elbow pads Racer Profile – High protection and comfort for rider

The Racer Profile range of protections achieves never-before-seen features. Its manufacture and design are the key points. This makes the level of protection high; Without sacrificing a very important point in elbow pads or pads such as weight. In addition, its ergonomic integration to the movement of the cyclist's body on the bike improves the comfort. They are ideal for mountain biking disciplines such as Enduro or DH.

They are manufactured with last-generation ventilated neoprene. This material has very good properties concerning the evacuation of the body heat. In addition, their grip is excellent, preventing them from moving. This helps the fact that the protections include anti-slip bands and Velcro s at the edges.

The Racer Profile pads and elbow pads are very safe. Note that they carry aramid and that the pads are reinforced with D30. This intelligent material has a compound that when normal wheel cycling is soft, flexible and fluffy. However, in case of impact it hardens, absorbing the force of impact.

The finishes of these sport wear-clothing are of high quality. They have a very attractive design for MTB lovers. seams are non-existent and hardly bother. weight: Elbow Pads – 401gr (size M), knee pads – 547gr (size m). sizes: M, L, XL. colors: Black and orange.



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