Race Face Indy Knee pads / knee guards

Race Face Indy Knee pads / knee guards

The new Indy D30 knee pads are a new protection model that the Race Face brand has brought to the market. This new model of knee pads, are one of the best models that currently we can find in the market because it gives the rider the best protection during his trainings with the bicycle, especially Enduro.

The Indy D30 race faceknee pad features a perfect combination of the maximum mobility of the race face Charge and the protection and best fit of the Ambush. This merger of properties will make the Indy D30, the best knee pads that every cyclist would want to have among their belongings.

Features of the Indy D30 Race Face pads

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The new Indy D30 Race Face Knee pads are an excellent protection model that will guarantee the rider the best safety during his trainings, mainly with the Enduro Bike .

The Indy D30has a Butterfy mesh that fits the rider's leg as if it were a second skin and thanks to the D30 foambrace, if it receives any blow or impact, the brace will cushion it from Such a way that the cyclist will not suffer pain. The Indy D30Knee braces are the best protection the rider can have since with it, you can enjoy the best descents and with the maximum freedom of movement.

The Indy D30 Race Face Brace s feature a velcro strap on the top that will give you a personalized fasten ing and a silicone patch on the Espinillera part to prevent slipping of the brace. .

Expert opinion: Race Face Indy Knee pads / knee guards​

The Indy D30 knee padsare a key element when you go out with the Enduro bike to guarantee the rider the best protection and safety during the workouts.

What do we know about the Race Face brand?

Race Face , based in Vancouver (Canada), has become a company with a lot of recognition to global level by the design of components and accessories for the world of cycling . All the products of this prestigious brand have a high quality of manufacture and have been elaborated with the best materials in order to offer the rider the best products and of the highest quality So that it has some components and accessories in your hands that will help you to perform the best High performance workouts.

The products of the Race Facebrand, are tested in the hardest conditions by the engineers of the company with the purpose of guaranteeing the cyclists, the best components of cycling and of higher quality. In addition, the products of the prestigious Race Facebrand are sold in more than 40 countries.

Race Face has a wide range of products within which we can find:

  • Accessories: mudguards, backpacks.
  • components: connecting rods, cassettes, plate, directions, bottom brackets, handlebars, pedals, plates, power, seatposts, saddles.
  • protections: knee pads.
  • Clothing: long sleeve MTB Jerseys I short sleeves, cycling jackets, gloves and trousers and culottes.
  • wheels and Covers: bushings, rims and wheels.

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