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Here you can find the best valued and most purchased knee protections for the practice of cycling enduro and MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE.



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Dakine presents us with its new model of Hellion brace s designed specifically to provide the cyclist with maximum comfort during training with the MTB bike. Thanks to the Dakine Hellion pads The rider will be able to go out and train with the utmost comfort and with the complete confidence to leave with the best security.

The Dakine Hellion pads have been designed for the most demanding pilots and want an element that combines lightness and efficiency to be able to train with the maximum performance. The area that surrounds the knees, has a foam band that will surround it in addition to a padded on the sides that give the rider the best protection. The inner part of the pads has been designed to hold the kneecap perfectly.

The system of securing these pads of the Dakine brand is very simple so that the rider can adjust them easily. Moreover, thanks to the silicone fasten ers with which the knee pads are equipped, the bikers will have a greater comfort as they prevent the brace from slipping.

Features of the Dakine Hellion pads
  • Designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding ride rs who want an element that provides maximum protection.
  • Ergonomic and breathable design for the best comfort.
  • Foam and side padding in the area that surrounds the knees.
  • Simple adjustment System.
  • Non-slip silicone fasteners for greater comfort.

Knee Pads 7 IDP FLEX

The brand 7 IDP introduces us to the new model of Flex brace s that has been released for sale. With these pads made by the brand 7 IDP, the rider will have the utmost comfort during the workouts.

The 7 IDP Flex Knee pads have a high quality nylon Spandex coating and will guarantee a great durability. To increase the cyclists ' comfort on the bicycle, a full suspension layer of perforated foam has been incorporated, which will be in charge of increasing the air flow and reducing the fart of the knee pads.

These new pads that presents the brand 7 IDP, have protective pads on the sides of the knee, to ensure a perfect level of comfort for cyclists. Thanks to the use of neoprene, the lightness of the pads and the ventilation will increase.

The 7iDP Flex knee pads have a central adjustment system and one on the calves.

Features of the 7 IDP Flex pads
  • high quality and long lasting coating, made with nylon Spandex
  • Full suspension layer of perforated foam that will increase the air flow, reducing the weight of the pads to achieve greater comfort.
  • Calf adjustment system increase comfort as this will not slide the pads.
  • Central restraint system to ensure uniform tension on the calf.
  • Pillows on the sides of the knee for perfect comfort.
  • The IDP neopren e used will give you a great lightness as well as the best ventilation.


The new POC Joint VPD model is a knee protection model that will keep the rider safe during their workouts, providing them with great comfort. The POC Joint VPD pads will guarantee the rider the maximum movement Libertas while the bike is on the bicycle. The VPD material that they incorporate will adapt perfectly to the legs of the cyclist. In addition, this prestigious material will harden you when you receive an impact so that the biker has the maximum security.

These new POC Joint VPD pads will ensure the rider a good breathability that increases comfort. The adjustment system with elastic fabric of Kevlar material with which they count will offer the rider the best comfort. In addition, these knee pads feature an optional strap that will improve the protection of bikers.

Features POC Joint VPD
  • Maximum freedom of movement.
  • Use of VPD material for a perfect adaptation to the rider's legs.
  • High level of protection thanks to the VPD material.
  • Adjustment system by Kevlar fabric.
  • Optional straps that will increase rider safety.

Knee pads TROY LEE Designs KGS 5400

The KGS 5400 , which has been released by the Troy Lee designs brand, is a knee protection model designed for the most demanding riders. The knee pads KGS 5400 will provide the biker with the best comfort during training with the bicycle, as well as the maximum protection and safety the time that is on the bike. In the inner part of the pads an extra reinforcement has been added for greater protection in case of an accident.

The KGS 5400 of the Troy Lee designs Brand is one of the most complete models of protections that we can find in the market today. The materials used during the manufacture of this new knee-brace model are of high quality and will provide the rider with the best protection and comfort.

The use of X-FIT technology will guarantee riders a perfect grip on the mesh in order to guarantee the rider a great comfort. The Strata foam will provide you with a high level of flexibility so that it is perfectly suited to the rider's body.

Features of knee pads KGS 5400
  • Use of X-FIT technology to guarantee the cyclist the best elasticity for an ideal comfort.
  • Strata foam for great flexibility and adaptation to the rider's leg.
  • Technology Shock Doctor to achieve maximum stiffness offering maximum protection to the rider.
  • High level of ventilation and lightness.

TROY LEE Designs RAID Knee Pads

Troy Lee Designs presents us with the Raid brace s with which the cyclist will have at their fingertips the highest level of protection. The new Troy Lee designs Raid pads will provide the cyclist with the best flexibility so the rider can perform the best high performance workouts while also having the best breathability. The D30 protection system will ensure the best freedom of movement, although offering maximum protection against the impacts you may receive during workouts.

In the calf area, these knee pads feature the PU "Fit-Lock" technology that will prevent their slipping, thus increasing their comfort. In addition, this knee-pad model has a high level of durability and breathability, ensuring maximum comfort.

Features of the Troy Lee designs Raid Pads
  • Made by neoprene material.
  • anti-skid PU "Fit-Lock" technology for maximum comfort.
  • High durability of the pads.
  • Abrasion- resistant side pads for greater protection.
  • High level of breathability.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.