The most purchased MTB protection elbows online - Enduro and downhill

The most purchased MTB protection elbows online  - Enduro and downhill

The most sold MTB cycling elbows (enduro, downhill and freeride)

In this section you will find the best elbow pads for the practice of cycling enduro, downhill and MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE best valued and more purchased online by cyclists.

Elbow Pads TOY LEE Designs EGL 5550

The new elbow pads EGL 5550 by Troy Lee Designs are a model of protections that this prestigious brand from Californian has brought to the market. The Troy Lee designs EGL 5550 Elbow pads are considered a basic protection model that all rider should have with them to be able to perform the trainings with the bicycle with the maximum protection and having a great feeling of comfort.

For the elaboration of the elbow pads EGL 5550 has been used the best materials and the highest quality with the aim of obtaining a comfortable element and that guarantees the cyclist the best protection in case of an accident. In addition, these Troy Lee designs ' elbow pads have a protective mesh that extends over the forearm, giving the rider greater protection.

The TLD EGL 5550 are made of aramid fabric, which will make them a more resistant and durable element. The silicone with which the elbow pads EGL 5550 will give the rider maximum adhesion. This protection element has elastic bands that will give the cyclist the maximum freedom of movement during training with the Enduro and downhill bike.

Features of the elbow pads EGL 5550
  • Use of aramid fabric for elaboration with the aim of obtaining an element resistant to abrupt terrain.
  • Silicone coating achieving maximum adhesion.
  • Cross elastic bands to obtain maximum freedom of movement.
  • Internal reinforcement to be articulated when necessary ensuring excellent protection.
  • Aeration system that will maintain a good rider comfort.
  • Use of Shock Doctor and X-FIT technologies to achieve maximum comfort.

TROY LEE Designs SPEED Elbow Pads

Troy Lee Designs introduces us to its new model of Speed elbows through which the rider will have the maximum comfort and protection during training with the Enduro bike. On the inside of the arm, these elbow pads have a high breathability mesh that will increase the rider's comfort. The Troy Lee designs Speed elbows, have a protective padding system of D30 material that will remain flexible during the pedaling for maximum comfort, but when receiving an impact will harden in order to guarantee the best Protection.

The details of non-slip silicone that incorporate these elbow pads will contribute to a greater comfort for the rider. It features reflective details for more rider visibility during workouts on low-light days.

Coder features Troy Lee designs SPEED
  • non-slip silicone for greater comfort.
  • padding system with D30 material.
  • Reflective details.


The Dakine brand gives us its new model of Slayer elbows with which the cyclist will have the best comfort and protection, so you can focus on improving the results of your workouts.

The Dakine Slayer elbow pads are a very light model with which the rider can have the maximum freedom of movement, also having the maximum safety. The structure of these biking elbows will eliminate the friction points thus increasing their comfort and reducing the resistance. The Dakine brand elbow pads are very easy to place, so that the rider will be able to put them easily.

Features Elbows Dakine Slayer
  • High level of lightness and breath ability for the rider to have great comfort.
  • Excellent design to achieve maximum comfort.
  • Reduction of friction points.
  • non-slip silicone bands to keep the elbows in place.


The new Hack EVO is the latest model of elbow pads that has launched the prestigious brand IXS. These new elbow pads, will provide the rider with a great sense of security when going out to train with the bike Enduro and All Mountain. The Hack EVO will guarantee the cyclist the maximum protection when going out to train with the bike.

The protective foam that incorporates these elbow pads will guarantee the biker a great safety, since the absorption of the blows will be made efficiently. The Kevlar material that it incorporates, will keep the rider well protected against the abrasion of the terrain. The Airmesh design will provide the rider with perfect perspiration during workouts.

Elbows features IXS HACK EVO
  • Q-Matter Protective foam for excellent safety during workouts.
  • Freedom of movement on a bicycle.
  • Use of Kevlar material for increased resistance.
  • Airmesh technology for great perspiration and rider comfort.
  • Antibacterial treatment.
  • Velcro adjustmentSystem.

Elbow Pads LEATT 3DF 5.0

Leatt introduces us to the new 3DF 5.0 elbow pads through which the rider will have the utmost protection and comfort during the workouts. The 3DF 5.0 Elbow pads have a moisture drainage fabric MoistureCool The purpose of which is to keep the rider cool and aramid fiber that will guarantee maximum abrasion. A strong point of these elbows, is that they have an excellent comfort so that the rider can perform the best workouts and with the highest performance.

The low profile shape of these elbow pads will help the rider to colocárselas under or over a jersey. In addition, these elbow pads have a great adjustment system to guarantee the rider the best comfort.

Features Elbow pads Leatt 3DF 5.0
  • Use of MoistureCool drainage fabric and aramid fiber.
  • High level of comfort.
  • Possibility of being placed on top or under the Jersey.
  • Great adjustment System.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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