Knee pads and elbow pads Leatt 3DF Airflex and Airflex Pro

Protective knee pads Airflex Pro 3DF Leatt

The Airflex Pro pads are designed with an ultra-thin protection system.


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These new Leatt brand knee pads, the Airflex Pro, offer flexible and light impact protection, with additional support on the sides and upper part of the knee. In addition, in its manufacturing mould, the need for the curvature of the piece was taken into account, creating a pre-curved 3d design mould, which allows a better fit.

Its main strengths:

  • Pre-curved manufacturing design that guarantees the mobility you need.
  • All protection technology is based on foam gels that harden with the blow but in the natural state are very soft and flexible; So these pads are perfect for pedaling.
  • It has lateral and upper knee protection .
  • Fastening system based on inner silicone tapes at the top and back.
  • Made with perforated technical fabrics that keep you cool.

Knee Pads Leatt Airflex 3DF

The brand Leatt has launched the new model of knee pads Airflex 3DF, which will provide the rider with the best comfort when going out to train with the bike. The new Leatt Airflex 3DF Knee pads have been elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality, with the aim of guaranteeing the cyclist the maximum protection.

The new Leatt Airflex 3DF, has an ultra-thin design of 6mm and is accompanied by aCE Certificate of Impact. The ultra-thin gel that incorporates this new model of pads, will contribute to an excellent safety as it will dampen the blows in case of accident, offering to the cyclist a greater protection when going out to practice mountain biking. These knee pads of the prestigious Leatt brand have MoistureCool absorbent fabric.

The Leatt Airflex DF, have incorporated in this model of knee pads, silicone lamination with the objective to guarantee the rider the maximum comfort during the workouts, as the protections will be fixed in your Site.

  • Weight: 250 grams (pair)

Elbow Pads Airflex 3DF

The new elbow pads Airflex 3DF are an excellent model of protection of cycling that the brand Leatt has brought to the market. With this extraordinary element, the rider will be able to train with the highest level of security, as well as a great comfort when it comes to pedalling with the MTB bike.

To guarantee the cyclist the best comfort and protection, this new model of Leatt brand elbow pads has been launched for sale, has been elaborated by using Armorgel. This element is a non-Newtonian gel that blocks the molecules so that it will harden upon receiving an impact; In this way, the biker will remain protected as the energy of the blow will be absorbed by this model of brace of the Mark Leatt.

The elbow pads Leatt Airflex 3DF have been elaborated using MoistureCool tissue so that the humidity produced during the workouts will dissipate, guaranteeing the rider the best comfort. Its ultra-fine 6 mm designwill help this protective element not disturb you during workouts. In addition, thanks to the incorporation of laminated silicone in these elbow pads, this important protection element will be locked in place so as not to inconvenience the rider during pedaling.

Elbow pads Leatt Airflex Pro 3DF

The new model of protective elbow pads Airflex Pro 3DF that the prestigious brand Leatt has launched to the market, is an element that all rider will want to have among his cycling belongings. With the new Airflex Pro 3DF elbow Pads, the rider will be able to go out and train with the highest performance, with the utmost comfort and protection.

The Leatt Airlfex Pro 3DF Elbow pads have been elaborated with an ultra-fine design of only 6 mm thick, with the aim of providing the cyclist with the best comfort during the workouts. Thanks to the laminated silicone and the non-slip grips that incorporate the new Airflex Pro 3DF, these Leatt brand elbow pads will remain fixed on the rider's arms during workouts.

For greater safety and protection, these elbow pads are equipped with antimicrobial treatment and incorporate MoistureCool and AirMeshic tissue that will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort when training with the bicycle. The 3d design that counts, will guarantee the rider a great fit and comfort when it comes to pedaling.

  • Weight: 240 grams (pair)

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.